Is it possible to injure your wrist from typing?

Recently I started to unlearn and learn typing and I found that you must type with your your wrist or hands on the air so that you don't get strains or other problems. Is it true, when i type with my hands on the air, it greatly reduces my accuracy, therefore my speed.

i dont think its the motion that causes the issues so much as them resting on a very firm and ungiving surface while doing those motions. some people find comfort in typing with one of those gel wrist rests. personally after reading this i notice that i have kinda learned how to rest my arms closer to my elbow while i type and have my wrists in the air. :)

When you type with your hands on a rest, they're bent so that it compresses the blood vessels in your wrist. That said I don't see the harm in letting them rest now and again on a good rest. I type on a Corsair K70 with a wrist rest. This keyboard hurts my hands and wrists a lot less than my old Razer Black Widow.

But yes you can get terrible carpal tunnel from improper posture if you're typing code all day long every day.

What you need to do is keep you hands on a natural position. Basically try not to bend them on any of the two Axis.
Most people use wrist stands and have as much desk space between them and the keyboard as possible so that you can keep your wrists straight without having to have their whole arm constantly on the air.

And yes bad posture and hand position while typing can lead to chronic pain. It is really important.

I just realised while reading your comment I do the exact same thing.

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I rest my arms on the arm rests of my chair and they are either level with the top of the keyboard or slightly above it. No wrist problems at all either.

You got to have to learn to type in the air. I already have some problems with my wrists from poor typing posture which forces me to type in the air and in short bursts. You know when you have problems when you can crack your wrists

Actually, no, lifting your wrists or typing in the air is unnecessary. It also has next to nothing to do with your blood vessels.

I suffer from very bad carpal tunnel in both wrists, and I have for years. It actually is caused by putting your tendons in an unnatural position and putting pressure on them therein, which eventually causes them to swell against the nerves in your wrist, which causes the pain, weakness, and numbness associated with CTS.

This can be avoided with a properly ergonomic typing position, where it is not necessary to lift your wrists. If you're worried about CTS, get yourself a nice, well filled wrist rest so that you can hold your wrists and arms in a neutral position.