Is it possible to cut out youtube anymore?

Years ago websites existed that either hosted content of yt channels as a backup, channels that were previously onmyoutube but moved away for reasons, or just had the video’s posted there as well.

Well, lately I’ve been into a couple channels discretely, them being gdq, peanutbuttergamer, game grumps, a few choice linux channels like nixie pixel and luke smith, and vinesauce. Its just as entertainment for the most part, but theres channels like defcon if I want to learn about what security will come to linux soon via bugs in proprietary hardware, or just what’s been going on in my fave community. Mostly defcon is a learningmtool though.

As it stands, I think I get stuck to youtube too often. I normally only really want to watch 2 things, and I get up to do something, sit back down to work again, and oh look bikers fighting with cops compilation. It used to be that I’d go to a site like cinemassacre or normalboots to watch the cantent I wanted and that was it. I’d watch 3 or 4 things and that was that. But now that my life kinda revolves around getting up at 4am and my only concerns are getting to work on time and shitting, I have less to worry about time wise.

Which makes me wantwto go back to old time management systems I created in school. But, anymore, the sites don’t have the content. Either via dmca overreach or other bullshit.

So are sites just dead? Is there no effort anymore to push externally and does YT make it an issue to even attempt it?

As for my view time problem I’m moving to more laptop use and consoles for games, and I can just do youtube on my tv. The different interface bugs me enough that I’ll only watch a few things. Always had. Though if anyone has some time suggestions go for it.


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You can try hooktube, I can find most videos I want to see that are hosted on youtube on there.

Video hosting is expensive and difficult to do well. YouTube does it for free, and offers a consistent quality experience.


I wonder if theres a desktop version of newpipe.

And if there isn’t someone needs to make that a thing.

Why, what do you want it to do? Newpipe offers downloads, adblocking, and video in the background. You can already do all that stuff on desktop, just run uBlock origin in your browser and use youtube-dl to download.

You can also use Kodi with their YouTube addon, that works really well, but it’s a 10 foot UI, not a desktop one.

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Blender and CCC are the only sites i know that host there content on youtube and elsewhere. CCC by themselves as far as i can see (and downloads available)


I just want the content i watch external from the sites I guess. Only the channels that I usually watch butwnot on the site. I used to go to the specific channel sites for that and it cut my youtube time down a lot because I had school and only had patience for a few vids.

Cinemassacre is separate still, gdq is separate, vinesauce is, but a lot of the other channels I watch never were or aren’t separate anymore.

You could script youtube-dl to automatically download all the videos from whatever channel you want, I suppose. If you want to stream and avoid the website, you could use the Kodi addon or run newpipe in an android runtime like Anbox.

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Top kek fortnite works on linux thanks to anbox.

I’ll look into that.

There’s also MiniTube, which looks promising. I haven’t tried it myself.

And yes, actually, there’s a huge problem with people playing Fortnite Android version in various emulators and whatnot, on their 27" monitors with a mouse and keyboard, and absolutely wtfpwning everybody.

That sounds hilarious and like what I am doing tomorrow.

Also have tried minitube. Didn’t work, demanded ‘donations’ from me.

Minitube is great, but limited and still uses Youtube. If you really get into using it it is worth your money. Especially on macOS.

If you don’t want to visit youtube you can use this project to download videos and then later watch them in your browser.

If you search for a real alternative take a look at peertube. It is pretty new and not as polished as YT but it solves the hosting cost problems. But there are some privacy concerns as it is peer to peer.

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I’m not looking to get off youtube 100% just from uning the website lol.

Could just bookmark the channels.

Or, use an RSS reader. Feedly does a good job at handling YouTube content.

If you are on Mac, check out MediaTube:

I know somebody that used to do that on minecraft pocket edition, good mix of funny and horrible. He would just run around murdering everybody.

Have you considered not visiting the website.

I just use the youtube app for my smart tv.