Is it possible to add gnome application menu to docky or cairo-dock?

Hey guys, quick question.

I am currently using the gnome extension dash to dock. I like it a lot, but I think I could do better with docky or cairo-dock.

Only problem is that dash to dock actually lets you launch the full application menu from the dock.

I would like to be able to add a custom launcher to cairo-dock or docky that lets me launch the damn app menu.

I have searched for quite a bit and found nothing.

Am I just blind and dumb, or can this seriously not be done.

I am using cairo-dock in Xubuntu and simple answer is YES you can in the configuration menu you have that option plus it has Gnome integration.

Ok, well, I just tried to install gnome integration and it does not work what so ever.

I can see it there, but nothing happens.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Hmm I 'm not with gnome ,can't help you out much

maybe try this link : and

By Gnome menu you mean the thing that pops up when you click in the upper left corner, and then go to applications/click the grid symbol on the left side?
I think there was a command to invoke this menu from the shell.


Or something like that... You could try just adding a button that invokes that command.