Is it possible for a computer to detect monitor mode changes?

So my current monitor setup is 2 monitors split between 3 machines. My main 1680x1050 screen, and a 1600X1200 secondary screen on a dual monitor arm. Both screens go to my main desktop, and then the other connections go to my G5 dev boxes.

What I’d like to try and do is when my main monitor is changed over to my G5, I want my mac pro to make the second monitor its primary. I don’t want to lose the ability to use the primary monitor on the mac pro and have to move a pile of windows over, and I’m not well versed enough with gnome yet to set up a dual desktop deal. It was easy in ubuntu 12.04, I don’t know where those settings are now tho.

So anyways, is there any way to do this? Machine is currently running pop os. I’d imagine I could just make a script to detect it and swap over?

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