Is it necessary to uninstall drivers before a gpu swap?

Howdy folks.
A quick question:
When swapping out the gpu from an amd to nvidia card, can windows 10 handle the driver change itself, or should you uninstall the radeon driver before swapping out the card?

Ideally you should.
I’d recommend downloading your new drivers, then logging into Windows 10’s safe mode with your PC offline (this is important) and running DDU to remove your current drivers.
Then, while still offline, install your new GPU drivers.
Why staying offline is importing? Since may Windows has been botching Nvidia drivers due a new driver of their own that Windows update downloads automatically.

If you read the fine print, AMD, themselves, recommend uninstalling their drivers, before updating to a new driver (at least with Vega).

Chevy_Mosenhor is correct, you’ll definitely want to go one step further and use DDU when swapping GPU brands, when changing the GPU architecture with the same brand, or any time that you are having GPU driver issues.

In the past when I have done this, not knowing it is recommended to remove and reinstall, I’ve had to reboot the system multiple times for it to recognize the new card without any display output until it “fixed itself”.
This was a GTX970 upgrading to a GTX1080.

Just to update, I used DDU, swapped gpu and installed the nvidia driver while offline. No problems, easy sailing :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advice.

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Glad to hear everything worked out, enjoy!