Is it fixable?

I'm looking at this motherboard on ebay saying it is broken.
As they show on the picture one of the voltage regulators is missing.
If i could find a replacement for that regulator how hard would t be to fix it?
here is a picture of what is wrong with the board the description is

Missing one of the CPU voltage regulator,
someone dropped something to the board and the regulator broke

Considering you dont really know what specific component was there not to mention these are generally not available as on off purchases (Try ordering a few thousand) I would give it a miss unless the guy still has the componant then you could take a risk but dont expect much.

i have been looking for the part and i coudnt find it sadly and i dont think asus would tell me what it is.
well i guess i have to keep looking for a lga1366 motherboard with a x58 chipset

ASUS might fix it at a cost. My current motherboard had a bad USB jack on the motherboard that would burn and spark every time it booted up. They repaired it free of charge being under the 14 day dead on arrival but maybe call up your local asus service and see how much to have it repaired

I will try contacting asus.

Which motherboard model is this?
it looks to me that all you miss is an inductor (choke).
But to be sure, i need a better and closer view on this.

This is the exact board im talking about

im thinking first and asking if it is fixable

Or should i go for this one ?

Yeah as far as i can see, its the inductor (choke) that the board is missing.

I´m still looking if i can find a better picture of the naked vrm without heatsink.

i think i might give up on that that motherboard and look for one that isnt broken or atleast less broken like this one

i would highly recommend that, if you not exactly know what you get into.
Of course its replaceable, but you need to know what you are doing, and understand how the voltage regulator module works.

The inductor basicly stores energy and makes pulses a constant.
Its just one single part of the voltage regulation cirquitry.
Of course you dont know if there are any more parts that could be damaged in the cirquitry, like mosfets / drivers or capacitors etc.

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