Is it difficult for a total WP user to accommodate Android OS?

I am getting frustrated with my current phone, Nokia Lumia 820, which is very slow and tough to hold a charge after say 2 years of use with it. I planned to buy a new battery from mpj, but one of my friend suggest for an upgrading. I honestly feel tired of dealing with Windows phone so thinking of new Android phone, probably a new S5.  Whether it's sensible?

Is it difficult for a total Windows phone user to accommodate Android OS?

no, it is not difficult. it is very intuitive. It is just a matter of what brand suits you.

I think a better buy for you would be the oppo find 7 when it comes out soon... 1440p display, 3000mah battery, etc etc etc. It will also probably be cheaper than the s5. 

Also, android is fairly easy to learn. My parents learned it in less than a week. 

Yay custom roms. None of that Touchwiz crap slowing your phone down.

Boo for the many many bad custom roms.

Boo for the loss of warranty.

Boo for locked bootloaders (not on Samsungs though).

Boo for the ones scared of all of the above.

Yay for custom roms.

I'd suggest the Nexus 5, just 'cause it's good value.

The nexus 5, or the Moto x are great phones with little bloat to slow you down. If you were to get android, you can't go wrong with either of these. And no stock android is very intuitive and easy to learn, you will have no trouble whatsoever. 

I thought its was easy and pretty natural. To be honest just trying to customize a windows phone was a pain. First android and it was love at first touch.

The nexus 5 is great. And I personally like the high end Samsung's. Expensive but I get to screw around with ROMs and spend lots of time of the settings. I find it really enjoyable.

I have heard great things about the Oppo find X range, but seriously a 1440p screen that is downright stupid. It is going to drain you battery and you will see zero better quality over a 1080p screen. Battery us awesome but I get then feeling it is only that big to feed the unnecessary screens power needs. 

Everything else about that phone rocks in a most excellent way but that sereen has nothing but downsides. There is not one good reason to use it at all, and it is only encouraging this stupid practice of bigger numbers mean better products. /rant.

I love how on this forum that people are listing super high end phones. What about the Moto G? How about them cheap phones? For $200 USD you get: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad core, Adreno 305, 1 GB of ram, 3G service, no NFC, no external SDCard, Wi-Fi Direct, BT 4.0 + LE, USB OTG, water resilient, Gorilla Glass, 5 MP camera with a darn good lens, and the latest and greatest Android 4.4.2. I have this phone and I just love it. Best $200 I even spend on an Android Phone.

Very true, I am just in a part of the world where cheap phones are absolute rubbish and anything half decent is very expensive. The Moto G does not exist here.

I currently use an Xperia Z rooted /w UL bootloader, its a dam good phone I am currently using an edited stock rom with loads of mods and Doomkernel v22, but I dont think I will be sticking to Android next time around, I am thinking of moving to Sailfish OS, the phones are far less powerful than my Xperia Z, but to be honest you dont need all these super powered phones, Android needs a dual core with 1024M RAM min, so yeah no need for these octos.

If I was to pick a phone coming from W8 phone, trust me I feel your pain my girlfriends phone constantly breaks and thats a 920, so get something cheap like the Jolla, Wait for Ubuntu phone or get something like a Moto G their great, import if you must they are worth the prices.

If your'e gonna spend $$ on a s5 might as well gove you pricey options right? The best phones as of now:

Xperia z2-waterproof, shatterproof, and good battery, close to stock android (if your into that)

s5- waterproof unless you drop it and the back pops off lol good battery life

htc one m8-good battery life, not waterproof but if you break the screen in first 6 months you get a free screen replacement

other notable ones are the LG G2, xperia z1 compact, Nexus 5.

All these phones are top of the line in specs and speed, and have good battery life except for the Nexus 5 which is decent but significantly worse than the other phones. Other than the waterproof-ness they're all pretty similar and I'd say just see it in person and pick the ones you like the most. 



I just switched to this phone after being on an Lumia for years. I have to say the S5 is an awesome device.

It's slick, but for the most part you are better off with Android. I have Ubunutu OS running on my Nexus 4 and it really is such a barebones OS, so far it is missing a lot of things that it needs.

For instance everytime it boots it enables all of my wireless things with the exception of GPS and NFC, as far as I can tell it just doesn't support NFC.

Yeah, I just transitioned from WM and I liked it but I wanted to do more with my phone. I got a Moto X and I love it, The battery life is the only problem I have with it. Other then that, I would highly recommend it!

I agree it is not difficult maybe you are knew on it that why you are having difficulties but in due time for sure you will get used to it ,just like my job before where i am new on handling CRM system and at first it was really hard but because i am willing to learn it after several days and weeks i am now good about it.