Is it any way to tell apart SATA and NVMe M.2 SSDs?

Is it possible tell them apart by looking at the PCB?
According to wikipedia the notches/keys don’t tell much (x2 pcie and sata uses same keys).
Should I look for controller?

I’ll be dealing with OEM SSDs (mostly from laptops).

SATA M.2 has two notches
NVMe M.2 only has one notch

The M.2 slot on a motherboard would follow the same rules, but generally NVMe compatible M.2 slots can support SATA M.2



So the M.2 slot on a motherboard would follow similar rules, if it supports NVMe M.2, the slot would be “M keyed” and in a lot of motherboards, it can still run SATA M.2 regardless. But if the M.2 slot is “B keyed” only, then you can only use SATA M.2

So the majority of the Dell laptops I handle at work have “M keyed” M.2 slots, but Dell loads them with SATA M.2 SSDs normally, if I wanted to, I could upgrade them to NVMe SSDs for a good boost in speed.


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