Is IPv6 and a Tunnel Broker my Ticket to a Working Mail Server?

I'm currently using an outbound mail relay for my domain as I'm sitting behind an ISP that will only provide static IP's for twice the price business accounts.

If I go down the path of an IPv6 tunnel broker (6in4, my ISP doesn't provide IPv6) ala Hurricane Electric will the static IP's provided to me allow me to use Postfix on my own mail server without being blacklisted everywhere if I configure things correctly?


Probably not, as you'll only have static ipv6 addresses so only traffic using ipv6 will be able to connect.

Looking @ vps w/ static IP's on vultur, digital ocean, linode, lightsail. vultur has a $2.50/month vps the others sit at $5. Seems like digital ocean and linode are the most popular. Amazon doesn't take paypal so I usually just give up on them even before I start.

That's what I do for my mail server

Unless Hurricane Electric's IPv6 prefixes are blacklisted and you are fine with IPv6-only delivery, I don't see a problem.

To work around the IPv4 limitation, you could get a free account at e.g. which you might use for those servers that only support IPv4 and use a direct connection for those that do support IPv6.