Is intel-rapl different on Cascade Lake-X? (MangoHUD uses RAPL)

Been trying to get MangoHUD to read intel-rapl on my 10920X and every single time it comes up with 0 watts.

There’s been discussion that Cascade Lake has a different way of approaching intel-rapl that might also apply to Cascade Lake-X.

s-tui with root access is able to get package-0 calculations just fine, so I’m stumped here. This is over my level of expertise, but can anyone else with a Cascade Lake-X confirm issues with either how MangoHUD reads intel-rapl or how intel-rapl behaves differently on these CPUs? I know you have a 10980XE @wendell so IDK if you could investigate why MangoHUD reading from intel-rapl fails.

Worst case scenario: Did a intel-microcode update disable it for security reasons?