Is getting 980 TI stupid with bloomfield system?

I'm planning on building a skylake system in November, hopefully when DDR4 and the chipset prices go down a little, but I'm kinda dying to play the witcher...

I am planning on having a 980 TI in my build... but debating getting one sooner than later and use it in my current system for awhile.

How much of the performance of the card would be compromised by my current system, which is an 930 i7, bloomfield CPU. Motherboard only is PCIE 2.0...not sure how much of a jump 2.0 to 3.0 was...

Any thoughts on this would help, cheers all.

Not even the 980 Ti can saturate 2.0. An i7 930 is just fine until Skylake.

From what I read there will be a slight bottleneck with the 930 i7 but not a lot, especially if you have it OC'd.

The PCIe 2.0 would be fine, it would be the CPU that would give you the bother if any.

Just make sure you select your GPU as the PhysX processor in the control panel and you are good to go for the short term. I gained fps and lost clipping/stutter when i went from an i7 890 to an i7 3820 with my gtx 780 but it wasn't a night and day difference the jump from the 560ti to the gtx 780 was much more noticable. Treat yourself!

it will depend allot on the resolution you are looking to play at.
But yes the bloomfiel will bottleneck it.

From the looks of it your looking at about a 15-20% increase in fps and a 40% increase in Physics. This is based off of 3dmark results with a 980 and a 5820k and i7 930 mabe add another 15% for the ti?

Thanks everyone, should be a big improvement from my 660. I hope skylake is worth the wait.

skylake wont be worth waiting.
it doesnt bring anything mindblowing to the table, other then 4 more pci-e 3.0 lanes basicly.
And usb 3.1 standard on board.
For the rest it wont be mindblowing in terms of performance.

I think he should wait for cannonlake but hey OP if you want an interesting discussion.. It is very interesting how close we are to the end of moores law