"Is Everything Ok, Nvidia?"


Interesting blog post on the state of the GPU industry, especially Nvidia with their lawsuit.

nvidia profits are down from normal markets, and they are living in harsher world. It was long coming, since they've overspend with their 400 series.

interesting...  I don't know much about Nvidia/Samsung relationship, but oddly enough I own some of the original nvidia riva tnt2 cards or one of there early cards they released around 1997-1999/early 2000's.. and these contain samsung memory modules.. I always believed Samsung and Nvidia held a close relationship, however Samsung isn't content being a supplier as we have seen in their business boom as they entered with incredible success in diversified industries.

I believe the rupture comes at the fact that the tech industry has become less and less forgiving every year and more and more competitive. 

IMHO Nvidia knew that the k1 was a power-hog, but I believe American optimism held that if enough developers and manufactures supported this new architecture, it would give it the push needed (and time) to develop and improve. 

Now I'm going to give my best guess to what the bottom line was.. 
Samsung wasn't willing to invest in nVidia, and lose battery life to improved graphical performance that customers weren't demanding. In general customers were demanding better prices, and longer battery life. 


Lastly as the blog post states, nVidia has moved away from developers, and with today's current gaming systems all powered by amd, developers just aren't there for nvidia. 

I Think NVIDIA Needs to Stop it already with their absurdly large Ego. They can fix all of this if they stop bring Proprietary nonsense to the market and work with the Open source community. In my personal opinion most of their "Technology" Is Next to Dead. G-Sync will be gone once AMD brings Project Free-Sync to market and makes It a Standard, Gamestream will be Gone once Valve brings In-Home-Streaming to Android. And What the hell does PhysX do? that Modern Physics Engines aren't getting better at. I Want to see AMD and NVIDIA Prosper but NVIDIA with their non-sense lately has been slowly and slowly drifting to the point where I would rather see them go away. cause what they are doing will not benefit the industry in any way shape or form. They should make their technology for everyone not be a Hog and keep all the cake to themselves. I think them Suing these companies is going to Benefit AMD in the long run.

IMHO Nvidia knew that the k1 was a power-hog, but I believe American optimism held that if enough developers and manufactures supported this new architecture, it would give it the push needed (and time) to develop and improve.

Nvidia has a habit of over-promising in the mobile sector. Each Tegra so far has been capable of performance above the competition and maintaining a thermal and power envelope that is consistent with other devices. The problem is, they couldn't do both at the same time. Those tablets that used the Tegra 3 a couple years back almost invariably put out an uncomfortable amount of heat when under load and suffered from below-average battery life.

Tegra 4 was essentially a failure, and so was the Shield, which was (let's face it) a marketing gimmick more than anything. With everybody buying into the "desktop is dead, mobile is the future" thing, Nvidia can't go on without a mobile foothold. Tegra failed, K1 is nowhere to be seen, nobody wanted to license their Kepler IP, etc. They're basically out of options. Thus the lawsuit.

People just don't buy that Nvidia makes, by every measure, the best graphics hardware anymore. They have lost a couple percent of the dedicated GPU market to AMD over the last year or so, they're not in any consoles anymore, and nobody takes them seriously in the mobile space. Basically, I think, they're expecting to have a really tough next couple of years.

I kind of see this from a different angle .. I think nvidia just has priced themselves out of the low end market ... When it comes to technology  highend/workstation/server there pretty far ahead from amd 

yeah, I agree; The there's still hope for Intel's Iris if it ever goes as dedicated gpu.

I also want to bring this about to people I feel that xbox one was intended to run with nv gpu and intel cpu to kill off competition from ps4 even with drm thingy but somehow they went with exactly same thing.

Both Sony and Microsoft have approached Nvidia for GPU for the consoles. Rumors goes, that Nvidia asked a lot more money for something similar to what there is in the can't soles now. So basically both Microsoft and Sony have given Nvidia the finger and went with AMD.

I can say I am an AMD fanboy, but this is just sad. Nvidia already have lost the Linux market, lost the console war, they are loosing the mobile market, and going to war with the largest chip manufacturer in the world will not help them. As for Qualcomm... Damn, that is just sad. You are not Apple, Nvidia... You don't have that deep pockets.

And if the rumors are true and the new 900 series GPUs offer cooler and less power hungry chips with marginal performance difference, then AMD will kick their ass...assin creed...

I believe that they couldn't open up to opensource even if they wanted. I think they have licenced allot of tech them self's , They can't just release IP that they don't own.

But are they really ahead in technology, or developer relations, or just pure momentum at this point? What does an Nvidia GPU do that an AMD GPU doesn't?

Well it seemed obvious for me that sony would go with AMD because they knew people didn't have much money as they used to; What is strange for me is that nvidia, microsoft and intels had deals with eachother and the money wouldn't be problem. I think nvidia was lead to believe that ms would use their gpu's but push from sony release of specs made MS jump on already made processor from AMD. I don't think Microsoft thought of making new xbox for at least a year but sony forced them by market to release it so fast.l

If you have ever needed a gpu for things beyond gaming you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you choose an amd. I switch between both regularly for work the latest firepro cards have a huge issues showing anything in vector correctly.   *not an nvidia fanboy just fyi - wish amd had something to compare their reps are really nice and do everything they can price wise. But at the end of the day they can hit the benchmarks but fall short with the visuals 

The lawsuit likely has merit. Nvidia doesn't take everyone to court all the time. Intel ended up having to pay Nvidia $1.5 billion for licenses they refused to pay. Trying to claim the tegra chip is a failure because they want money they feel they are owed for patents is reaching. If someone owes you money and they refuse to pay you take them to court?

Well Nvidia wasn't gonna go down that road making chips for consoles when they already have enough stuff going on with their own shit. AMD needed the capital to get into the black again. AMD has a good apu and since they can't compete at the top with their cpu architecture why not make console chips instead for a couple of years?

The argument in court will be over whether or not the patents are valid. For some of them, people on Twitter (folks in the industry, not just folks) have already pointed at prior art that may be enough cause to invalidate.

Pfft that is probably just because CUDA has a stranglehold on a few productivity applications for no good reason. OpenCL is the way too go.

Bassically everyones heard that rumour and it sounds believable, doesn't mean it's true though (unless they were both blind auctions/bids). Anyone it doesn't matter, there is bassically no way they could have been competitive with AMDs APUs with their shared memory. There is alot of cost savings there, keep in mind those things are what 80% GPU? Wouldn't really have worked with a CPU and Dgpu

Nvidia turned down MS and Sony because both wanted an APU type chip. Nvidia did not feel like developing one so the console makers moved to AMD who just glued one of there CPUs and GPUs together. As for the patent war. I honestly don't care.

So K1 is DOA huh did not see that coming [sarcasm] I think I might have even pointed that out based on track record of tegra. But that is neither here nor there... Or anywhere in face.

I really do think Nvidia have been mugging it's user base for a long time with over priced cards and under powered for the price performance. I know that up till the R9 stuff Nvidia always had a small lead and in some games still do but it has gotten to the point where it is unjustifiable to go Green when AMD is so cheap and offers very similar performance. 

Add to this Nvidia's unwillingness and even abuse of the Open Source system and they are quickly looking like ego bound dinosaurs in the face of potential massive change. even on the android side of things where they could have been getting in on a ground level with Linux they have been dragging their heels. Linux desktop may not have taken off massively yet but every day I am seeing more and more games ported or straight developed for Linux and the performance there is becoming equal at an exceedingly fast rate.

Now there is what look to be massive patent litigation coming rather than working to improve their already uneasy relationships with Linux developers and hardware partners/competition this look not to green for the green team.

I would like to see them do well even if I don't like their practices/products because it means competition and advancement for all sides but it is currently looking like a one horse race. 

And as for the people who buy Nvidia GPUs, why? When they do so much to stop you using the card you bought your way? Locked voltage, proprietary hardware addons (G-Sync and 3D surround), CUDA over Open CL, PhysX, GameStream that is unusable to 90%+ of the market and the list goes on... Are any of these actually useful anymore?

Titans as GTX cards? what idiot thought of that one. They were only put out to make the massively expensive 780's look like a bargain by comparison, and it worked.

Where as AMD has TrueAudio, Mantle (which Intel are looking into and works cross platform) cheaper equally performing cards (although this probably can't last) better equipped cards RAM wise (Helpful for the change to 1440p and 4K when it is ready), A sense that they know what the people want (again Higher resolution gaming) and a some what worrying almost monopoly (You can buy an AMD motherboard, AMD RAM, AMD SSD, AMD CPU, AMD GPU, all that missing is the power supply and case) even though most of these are only branded and not made by AMD it really is quickly solidifying the idea that AMD is the way for new PC gamers. "Radeon IS Gaming"... it is catchy.


I sorely do not want to sound like a troll or to start a flame war but this is just disappointing. 

Some small changes could see a much better place for all companies.

Nvidia, has their fans, and their uses but it is looking harder to justify them.