Is everyone here into metal?

I mean no offense to metal or anyone who is into it, but i personally listen to mostly rap. I occasionally listen to some other types of music and some metal like system of a down for example. Is everyone here into metal?

im not into it that much

Meh. I like it, but I don't go out of my way to listen to it.

Nope. I listen to JPop and Classical; that's it.

While I do enjoy my metal, I prefer jazz and peaceful music.

NO lol.

rock, alternative rock, hip hop, rap, SOME dubstep, usually the nicer calm ones.. love floyd too, 

fucking hate metal shit with all the screaming, to me its not good music.

//dont flame ;)

I appreciate it as a art but it's not what I listen to. Im more of a reggae, rap, alternative, jazz, r&b type of guy.

The N.W.A, Public enemy, Dr.Dre, Nas, Jaz-y. If you know what I'm saying

notoonah, you are not alone! I would bet that most of the old members are somewhat into metal. Most of the staff is into extreme metal (me, maks, qain, little viking, etc.). 

Used to be that when you went into a "What are you listening to lately" thread you'd see pretty much only metal albums...nowadays it's more varied though it seems. You can find pretty much anything

damn logan, thanks for the reply. Glad to know people who are youtube and such actually respond to their community.

Ya man, old school. I feel you.

If you like them look up kendrick lamar you should like him.


I listen to a little bit, nothing hardcore, then again I listen to a little bit of everything (except country) orchestral, opera, Jpop, J-hiphop, J-rock, regular rock/alternative/indie, techno/8bit (no dubstep) 80s stuff, I'm the kinda person that would play any song on rockband and not say "no lets do a different one because I don't like this one"


unless it was that one beastie boys song, that was just annoyingly repetitive

Yes metal rulz

oh god i hated that beastie boys song

I listen to metal when I'm in the mood. Hip-hop to good to ignore it right now though. Kendrick lamar, Joey Bada$$ and all of Pro Era, Asap Mob, Killer Mike, and danny brown.

I don't listen to metal, I don't like metal. But I do respect metal, because I know it's skilled.

If you ask me, rap is the epitome of bad music. Mainstream rappers are the most egotistical stuck up cunts, their music could be replicated by a dog being sick.

There's only a small proportion of rap that is alright, and these rappers are usually the most unheard of.

I love Metal a Lot, along side Trance

Metal? Fuck yes.