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Is Cpanel safe for email?


Hello Level1techers!
I just purchased from godaddy a domain name, a linus cpanel shared hosting, and an ssl services from them.
I didn’t want to purchase an email service knowing that I could create one with my domain name and use it with Cpanel.
Many of their customer support guys mentioned to me that email on cpanel aren’t safe, and I shouldn’t do that.
Is there a tutorial out there that you’d recommend to secure my email on Cpanel?
Or should I purchase their email service year to year?

My coming soon website page is already up at

Thank you in advance!

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Don’t host your own email, it isn’t worth the trouble. Just set addresses to forward to your gmail account, or if you want to get fancy pay for a GSuite account and host it directly at google or do the same with Fastmail or Protonmail.



I hosted my own email recently and can share a few things even though I don’t use Cpanel.

Hosting your own email is an experience - you do it for that reason. Email is an old technology and suffers many security risks because of that. Be ready for a lot of maintenance and that little voice in the back of your head asking you whether your server really is secure - because you don’t know! There is so many stuff to patch and keep in mind it is ridiculous!

If you’re not doing this for the experience - just get cloud hosting and be done with it.



Or you know, have the email server sandboxed/air-gapped/etc and just offload them (POP3 and don’t keep records of your emails on the server itself)

Then it doesn’t really matter how secure it is outside of hijacking (which if you are in charge of the box in question, you should be able to tell if someone has unauthorized access to your mail servers.

Do you think that mail servers with all the patches are really that secure? Even Google isn’t dumb enough to not isolate them from the rest of the system.

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Thank you all for your replies.
I thought this was just a marketing speech to scare customers.
I trust this community far better.
I’ll purchase a cloud email server, or go with Godaddy cheapest offer.
Thanks a million! your replies opened my eyes.

Have a great day!

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MXroute can be an inexpensive solution. They occasionally have specials like 15-20GB (unlimited emails, domains, etc) for $10USD/year. In exchange for the low price, it’s pretty much no frills, so you need to configure things yourself a bit. They have a few instructions and can be contacted for support, though they don’t do hand-holding.



That seems reasonable, if you want real email from your own domain. But really I would just cheap out and forward email to your domain to your existing account.

Of course I say that having a grandfathered google apps for domains account and I pay $10/month for GSuite for business (for the Google drive space), so I don’t practice what I preach there.



you can also scam gsuite into giving you free accounts

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doesn’t help there’s a mafia of spam blacklisters that wont tell you what they look for and google’s cornered the market by changing its requirements at random with just as little transparency

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I can host you if you want. I even have a nice Roundcube …



That seems like a bad idea for your primary email.



you’re not wrong but no one I know that did it has had one revoked either, and its been a few years