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Is buying a Kia plug-in hybrid worth it?


I got my Versa for 13.3k with tax and tags new
One year old Versa for offspring for 11k with 9k on the odo.

However I would recomend the Fiesta over the Versa any day of the week if the deal is there.
Allot of dealers want to put 5 grand of junk no one needs. Also a few years of free service will be free whether it is loaded of a base model.
IMHO of course


Not necessarily. Just looking at what some people are paying for 1-2 year old PHEV’s where I live, you’d be better off buying new w/ govt incentives.

EG: I was able to work out ~$32500 for a Clarity Touring with little hassle last weekend. I’d be eligible for $10k rebate/credit, making the car run me ~$25k to put on the road.

I could see this car fetching about that much used, a year or two from now; specially considering how people are buying up used 2017 Volt LT’s for $21k right now.

That said, if all OP is interested in is saving money, then sticking with the car they have still makes the most financial sense.


Just wanted to update this thread with my final choice. I got a 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid EX (not PHEV.) Despite the suggestion that hybrids do best in city traffic, I’m getting up to 48MPG on the highway. Though I would have preferred a PHEV, I got a great deal on a prior year demo model that was fully loaded, and went with a standard hybrid instead.