Is Battlefield 4 Worth it?

Hi guys, I was about to buy Bf4 because it is "cheap" now on amazon (35$) But then I wondered... Is the game worth it? what do you guys think? I have Bf3 and even though I'm awfull I sometimes play and enjoy it.  

If I don't buy it I'd probably buy Titanfall. (You can also comment on that)  

BF4 is a headache to get working optimally, but I think it's worth it. I still very much enjoy the game and will take any opportunity I can to play it even after 140+hours. I've seen the beta gameplay of titanfall and the graphics look meh, while the gameplay looks interesting. Very COD-esque though. I think origin has a half off deal right now so its 30 bucks directly off of origin. Ultimately its up to you but I think at 30 bucks BF4 is a good deal

If you really want to deal with the BS by all means go ahead. BF4 can be a great but EA needs to get their shit together and just plain fix the game.

Thats not realy 'cheap' BF4 has been on sale before for $25 its still very buggy on some systems.

I played the beta and quite enjoyed it BUT no more than I enjoy BF3.

Just grab BF3 premium it'll be alot easier, there'll be alot less bugs, it'll look basically the same and you pay alot less for alot more content (all DLCs)

In my opinion it wasn't, and I got it for 60% off on black friday, I should've saved my money.   And Titian Fall looks pretty stupid and definitely not getting opening week, probably not going to get it ever maybe if there is cross platform play to shit on console plebs.

It really comes down to personal opinion. I haven't run into to many bugs or anything, and overall my experience with that game has been pretty positive, but it seems it varies. If your just deciding between BF4 and Titanfall, your best bet is to go with which game play style you like more. If you have always been a fan of the BF series, then go with BF4. But if Call of Duty is more your thing, then Titanfall might be the better option.

When the game first came out I had a ton of driver issues which I think they fixed. Other than that the game is super fun when it works. For me it was really annoying getting kicked out of the game server every other game I played.

I got battlefield 4 for free after building my PC, Have been playing the series pretty regularly sense 1942 (man that was a moment when that came out and i got it working on my pc) Buuuuut after playing battlefield 4 for about 5 minutes i can honestly say im bored with it.

If you haven't played the series much it could be worth it i guess.

If you really want BF4, just wait until they release the premium version so you can save yourself some money. That should also give DICE enough time to fix more bugs. Just don't play the campaign unless you have to have the guns you unlock for the multiplayer by going through it because the campaign is shit.