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Is anyone who is heavily invested into cryptography/compusec stuff here?



Is anyone who is heavily invested into cryptography and compusec stuff here?

I am mostly interested into mathematics of all crypto stuff, heavily investing time into mathematics.


I am too dumb to be REALLY into the maths side
I get the basics, but especially for AES you loose me pretty quickly.

Hashing I can understand

I like the practical side .


That's fine!


Pretty much this... lol


I love cryptography, I'm young and fairly new to computers and mathematics (I missed most of my school years) and so I'm still picking up in mathematics and in cryptography.

I'm very into infosec though, and definitely plan on getting my CISSP one day. I feel quite embarrassed, as I'm on this forum with barely high school math level. But yes, I do like cryptography. And I find it very interesting.

For year 12 highschool over here we had to do a document on encoding (images, text, barcodes/checksums) and we also had to do it on Encryption, specifically RSA. I don't think it was very in depth just how RSA key pairs are generated, how hashing algorithms work and the mathematics behind RSA.


I am ! Love Cryptography


Have to deal with it daily at my job working on a DoD Navy Netowrk as IA/Sysadmin. Was there something you wanted to know or....

For those looking to learn more but don't have much credentials, Obtain your Sec+ after your knowledge of Net+(perferrbly) or A+. There is a lot on Cryptography and Key Escrow, Key Exchange, Symmetric/asymmetric, stream/block cipher, and hashing methodology, etc...

Professor Messer is a great beginer tool for the cert But I'd suggest also reading a bit more in depth if you're really looking to take the test.


Hey Ken,

any books you recommend? Maybe something toward learning the practical side of application that goes into theory when needed. Or builds on the theory while showing application.


on what cert? For Sec+ if you can "get your hands on" :wink: the Keith Barker CBT Nuggets SY0-401 videos for it, that would be the best. As for a book, Id recommend the following.

There are other videos that show some real world configuring like 's videos on sec+ that I like as well. those videos can be found "online" as well


Thanks for the response Ken! Been really considering subbing to itpro, I've heard nothing but good things about their content. I'm not really looking for certs right now. Just a general interest, might cert later if I want to look into it professionally.


I deal with some of this stuff at work, I would really REALLY like to know more so I do some home labbing and inquiring here at work, but I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and still have work to do so I don't progress as much as I'd like.

If you have questions I could relay them to coworkers and it would benefit me as well by having something specific to ask that I likely would not have thought of myself. I work around some general dynamics and cisco products and their use in compliance with DoD regulations. We do a lot of VLANs, trunking encrypted traffic through more encryption or through VPNs. We are also going to start enforcing encryption of data at rest, so on things like NetApp its a pretty painless setup from what I was told, but how we are going to implement this on other systems will be a learning experience.


You still available?

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