Is Anyone Still Experiencing This Unfortunate Windows 11 Bug? [Updated 01-01-2022]

This might be my most brief problem description yet, but I want to hear from you guys [Specifically everyone here who is using Windows 11.] on this 1. I’d really like to hear/know if anyone is still experiencing an issue where apps from the StartMenu aren’t opening properly all the time… :thinking:

For anyone curious or wanting to know, I made a post nearly a week ago on the Microsoft Community Forum about this which goes into full detail & was hoping to hear back from any fellow Windows 11 users there who might have the same issue, but all I have received is just views! :disappointed: So, with that being said, maybe I might have better luck trying here. Never know until you try, right? Here’s the link which goes into full details with a recent update:

Welp, I hope to hear back from anyone here who has the same problem or just wishes to maybe even talk specifics, etc. :crossed_fingers: BTW, if any of you like need more details or wish to ask me anything in the event that I forgot, feel free to do so & I’ll reply! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance, guys!

So I read that post and can’t say I’ve seen this issue yet.

Running Windows 11, v21H2 (OS Build 22000.376)

I also had to do a clean install onto a new NVMe SSD as the update option would stall during the upgrade process.

Hm. Sounds like your issue was a little different than mine.

But 1 person isn’t going to cut it. I’d like to hear from anyone else! Just spread the word, it’s all you have to do! [Plus, I’d appreciate it.] :slight_smile:

Hi, just read your post. Didn’t have any bugs so far with W11. But good to know!

I use win 11, but haven’t seen this issue yet. I usually open apps from powertoys search or by opening the start menu, searching and then hitting enter.


I forgot to mention in the Microsoft Community Forum post that I made that the Start Menu doesn’t always act up in the manner that I described. The times I’ve noticed it able to open apps fine is like right after a reboot. But trying to open apps normally don’t work hence why I’d have to either open File Explorer & then manually restart it via Task Manager. Or the other method that does work fine is when I go to the All Apps section & open something that way. Still, it makes me wonder if this is an unpatched Windows 11 bug or not. I felt the need to clarify this so someone can better help.

I would very much appreciate it if someone can somehow either confirm or help me out with this as I’m not entirely sure if other users out there are experiencing this same issue or not. Don’t forget to ask me anything if I forgot something or if you need more details! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

So I forgot to ask if your primary user account is a standard or admin user account ?

Also, did you try creating a temp local admin user account to see if this behaves in a similar manner or not ?

@BigBodZod I basically just have an admin account since I’m the only 1 who uses my pc. Personally, I prefer to just have 1 account to use & that’s it. I would imagine if I were to try creating a different account, the issue would probably still be there.

Gotcha, I always create a backup admin local user account as an option.

I understand & I would normally do the same thng except I don’t really have anything actually “important” to backup. Nonetheless, is there any way I can confirm whether or not this is an unpatched Windows 11 bug? :thinking: [I haven’t heard anything else as to whether other users have this same problem or not…]

I wish I knew, I’ve not heard of this one nor am I experiencing this issue on my Gaming Rig which has Windows 11 Pro installed onto it now.

My Workstation machine, which I’m typing this reply on is still running on Windows 10 Pro.

I will monitor if any of my co-workers have had this issue and report my findings.

It just seems a bit odd that this is happening to you.

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Yeah, I can relate & yet I’m running Windows 11 Pro as well. I might have to try re-connecting with Microsoft & see what their support team has to say about it. {tried connecting earlier, but there were some problems. Hopefully this time I can get connected so we can talk.] BTW, you can just comment or dm me if any of your coworkers are having this issue. I’d appreciate it! :+1:

Good to know, so far nobody has had this issue but most are NOT running Windows 11, but rather 10 for their gaming/home computer work.