Is anyone planning on buying or preordering a Surface Pro 4 when its released? And what do you think of it?

Having recently watched the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keynote it seams like a truly interesting product and I wanted to ask the community to see what they thought and to see what they think.

Personally I think the pen storage is gonna be horrible again.

I don't think I, going to get one. I just don't like Windows.

If you like Windows, I mean go for it.

The iPad Pro let me down. I thought it was going to release with OS X.

I guess if I ever did get a tablet that I was meaning to use for desktop class work I'd get a Galaxy Note 10.1 and install SUSE for ARM with Gnome on it...

I am tempted but will let the hackers figure out how to open it up first.

Yes it makes sense its actually one of the many reasons I don't pre-order!