Is anyone familiar modifying EDIDs?

I have a couple of goals, here. I have an Acer XB280HK (4k 60hz g-sync) monitor.

In the OSD, greyed out, is a ULMB option. I know it's ridiculous to run ULMB at 60hz... but come on. Don't tell me that you wouldn't want to enable it, if you knew how.

Another goal is to enable nv 3d vision at 30hz per eye. Again... no good for games, but am I wrong in thinking that 30hz per eye is enough for typical 23.98 or 29.97 playback? Perhaps the flicker would be an issue, but I have a 3d vis kit for another monitor, so I'd like to see if I can make use of it on the aforementioned Acer panel.

I have seen that EDID overrides can be performed to enable 3d on passive 3d 1080p displays, but I believe that would remove the option to display >1080 when I want it to. I figure this means I should modify the existing EDID to somehow enable 60hz 3d, even if it's only enabled at lower resolutions (or create an entirely new EDID).

FWIW, I have tried overclocking the refresh rate, and it will not go one tick above 60hz at any resolution. No way.

And lastly... @Wendell has at least one display that can utilize both Freesync and G-sync. Seeing as the XB280HK already has the G-sync module, I'm hoping a custom EDID would open a door toward enabling Freesync as well.

I don't expect to accomplish all of this, but it's worth a try.
OS is Win 7, though I have boot disks for OS X and Ubuntu, in case it matters, or would help.

In any case, I reallllly want to know what Wendell's been up to, in terms of a hybrid Free-G monitor. I don't remember seeing a video on it anywhere; correct me if I'm wrong.

It just occurred to me that I should ask this- when installing an EDID override for a monitor, is it important to use a different name than the actual monitor? Most people who are using overrides for 3d are spoofing their displays as something else. I'm wondering if it's possible to "merge" an EDID from a display that allows 3d with my existing EDID, so as not to lose 4k res (as mentioned before) or G-sync capability.

just a friendly bump, in case the right person stumbles by. still looking for answers. you know, for funsies.

CRU 1.2.1 by ToastyX ?