Is Anyone else scared for FarCry 4

The way Ubisoft has treated PC Games lately is just straight up stupid and annoying.  Some examples are AC:4 and Watch Dogs.  I am just really scared that FarCry 4 will end up the same.  What do you guys think?

I thought AC4 was generally well-received? I don't know. I haven't played since Revelations... 

Anyway... it's too early to speculate on FC4, I think. The trailer got me excited though. As long as it expands on the game design from Far Cry 3 I will be happy.

Im not talking about gameplay, I am focusing on the quality of the port

Lately? Far Cry 3 wasn't a particularly good port, either. I don't expect them to change now.

AC4 played pretty well if you kept the physX particles on low.

Everyone should be



I wish game companies would stop kissing ass with the new consoles. Could you imagine a world where all games where created and optimized for PC only? One can only dream.

Note: I think the only (major) company that doesn't deal with consoles is Blizzard. Correct me if I'm wrong..

Diablo 3 is coming to consoles. 

I'm just wondering who makes these calls? what is the point of limiting the PC graphics, to make the PC version stand out less when compared to consoles? i just don't get it.

i am a fan of both PC and consoles, and one thing i know, is that console players either don't KNOW that the PC versions look better, or don't CARE. 

i hope the recent findings that they dumbed down the PC version of Watchdogs on purpose will make people more outspoken and make Ubisoft change their ways. i also fin it funny that the graphics they disabled are actually labelled "E3...." lol

makes me nervous that the gorgeous ACU stuff i saw will only exist in the E3 demos.... that is, until people discover hidden effects and start to mod it. im eager to see where this goes.

here is some video with the E3 rain turned on.

Well that would be an exception because it was not originally designed for consoles. 

I'm not scared for it, I know its the pc version is gonna get the shaft at best so the potato versions wont look as bad in comparison. But I'll never again buy an ubisoft game so they can do what they want. 

I got AC4 with my gtx 760 when I got that (wish I would have waited and got something a little better, guess I have a 760 for sale). AC4 played well and solid 60 fps flat across the board on ultra at 1080p. Gameplay is same as I play it with my gamepad as with most single-player RPGs in the third person. Can't compare graphically as I don't have AC4 on console anymore.

you guys will still buy it no matter how badly constrained it is.

I've played Watch Dogs for the last couple weeks on my PC, I honestly don't see why everyone is complaining. On my PC, the game runs fine, high fps all the time.

From what I have seen they originally made the game on PC then they simply put in code for the new consoles and it ran at the same quality. 

 P.S the systems are the same architecture after all. 

I guarantee you that's not the case. Developers don't just make a game for single platform (unless its a platform exclusive) and then change the code. It always gets developed on all the platforms its intended to be released on simultaneously.

As for the graphic enhancements being labeled E3... that's not that surprising really, as pretty much all developers produce a build just for E3 with all the bells and whistles they hope to implement in the finale game. A lot of these get dropped though along the way, usually when they realise they're to expensive to run on console builds. It is a bit surprising they left these in though.

It looks a lot like they had to rush it to make their release date milestone. Which is probably why its not been very well optimized. 

Expect a patch to be released soon. 


Ps. its usually the publishers that make these calls on graphical decisions.... but not always


Not buying another Ubighey game for a long time or until they seriously change their ways. Might have to become a pirate, but they deserve it.