Is anyone else having screen tearing problems with Nvidia Drivers on Linux?[SOLVED]

I've been working with Linux for just over a year now and it seems that every time i install the nvidia drivers i get this really bad tearing watching videos . Is anyone else having this issue or know a way to fix it? I have tried in the past by changing the settings in the nivida settings but still had no success.

You should use a compositor, I use compton on mine, and then set the vsync mode on :)

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okay, ill give it a go thanks!

When you're posting you need to give EXACT information about your system.
What graphics card are you using? Which Distro are you using? Which DE (Gnome/KDE/Xfce/...) are you using? Which driver are you using?
Can't be that hard...

Anyway, in case you're using KDE you could try this:

my apologies I am using a gtx 780ti and a ubuntu with gnome. compton did work for me but i will try and remember that next time

just in case anyone stumbles into this thread i eventually fixed this issue but using the Compiz Setting Manager and disabling the Unredirect Fullscreen Windows option under composite

oh man I've been putting up with this tearing for months and I gave up on nV drivers! never thought it could be the compositor's fault. THANKS THANKS THANKS!