Is anybody looking forward to the new ubuntu 12.04?

Just wondering since I know some people have not liked the new interface at all. And linux discussion overall doesn't make for the most active threads normally. I don't like the new interface but it doesn't keep me from using the OS. The new versionis the next Long Term Support (LTS) and from the beta I can see they have really improved the speed of the user interface and added some features to the UI. Is anyone looking foward to it or are you guys too turned off by the UI?

 I'm waiting for it but just because I've heard it had a gnome 2 or at least is a look alike, cause I cant for the life of me get used to Unity or even the new Gnome. Everything just looks too laptop oriented. 

No, Unity ruined ubuntu.

I don't know how to Linux. I tried puppy on an ancient laptop and I was seriously confused the second i ventured out of running it on USB and using only what was included in the OS. I did everything as instructed in the tutorials when trying to extract tarballs or installing the OS on a hard drive and nothing worked. Gave up. Anybody have a decent resource I could use to learn from the ground up? Linux changes so fast I feel like every guide I read is out dated.

 12.04 is getting a classic edition and it is beautiful so yes. :)

No. I used ubuntu up until 10.04, then started experimenting with others(arch, fedora, etc.) and there is no reason for me to go back. Plus I tried unity on my bros laptop and I hated it.

Puppy linux is more like a like a live linux not really that great to be kept as an installed OS. My best advice would be to try Ubuntu I guess, but as you can see from this thread NOT the new version. 

My best experience was with Ubuntu 10.10 it seen pretty much perfect to start with Linux and you can even install it through Windows.

 Used to be able to "have fun" with ubuntu but also get business done. I found that CentOS is faster/more stable for business apps in recent years. 11.04 had a lot of problems (granted, not LTS version.. but not the underlying debian I have come to know and love). Unity was kinda sorta one problem but I thought it was interesting MS was going in a similar direction with win8 as unity. I'm not actually against the concept of unity though I'm not sure it is as newb friendly as a start menu type option. I like the idea of getting to a program with a few keystrokes. 

11.04 virtualization and full disk encryption were basically unusable on the Phenom II x4, Intel Q6600 and Xeon X54xx based systems I tried it on. CentOS is rock solid, and faster at those tasks, esp. software raid/lvm + crypto, for some reason.

I still use Ubuntu for home multimedia OS but am somewhat unhappy with 11.04 and 11.10 overall. Here's hoping 12.04 is good, and that the LTS/Server edition doesn't suck. It sure sucked trying to use 11.04/11.10 for the vaguely servery type things I wanted to do in a home enviornment (media server, file server, backups, security, monitoring, etc). Even running on old business class hardware. (This was surprising to me given that I've always been of the opinion that Debian > CentOS. And really, how can you screw up debian?)


I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know. The new gnome took out one of the menu options of System, Programs and Folders (can't remember which one) and it just didn't feel right. The problem with Unity remains the same, searching for programs and folders is stupid. But at least in the beta the GUI responds fast and the last version was soooo slow.

 ubuntu no, i`m looking to 12.04 xubuntu.

Nate is right, the new gui is terrible. Thankfully, you can disable it... 

There are a couple of key things that I need for my desktop (gaming, foobar, adobe programs) so I need Windows there... We shall see how this works as a media server. If it is buggy I'll go to CentOS.

I'll give this one a last try and then I might switch back to Open Suse or go look for something else for multimedia. I'll miss their repositories of software, though. And I only use Debian for server stuff even though it's pretty good at everything it does.