Is all hope lost?

Hello all,

I recently posted on facebook about the importance of net neutrality, it gets one like from a similar minded friend and a comment about my poor spelling. A month ago I posted a stupid picture of me eating a moose burger and that gets close to 40 likes. Granted this is not a huge sample size but I think this goes a long way to confirm the disinterest i suspected. The general public doesn't care enough about whats going on to do anything about it.

I live in the United Kingdom any advice on what I should be doing?Is there any point? Should I just move into the wilderness and hide from it all? As you can probably tell I am feeling a bit defeated at the moment.

We're living in the information age and the majority of people can't be bothered to be alive. If they want to adopt the "TL;DR" mentality, so be it, all hope is lost for them. You on the other hand have the power to spread awareness to others in other ways, and if they refuse don't be like a religious zealot, the world isn't ending if they don't adopt your way of thinking. Even if the internet as we know it changes there will be workarounds and alternatives GUARANTEED, because that's how information works.