Is advanced systemcare any good?

i was just wondering, all in the title.

What systemcare are you talking about? I use System Mechanic basic, and I love it. Keeps everything running smoothly. 

Decent program. Once in a while I use it. I like the interface of and some of the functions of the latest ver. 7.xx but imho 5.xx is the best 1.

any suggestions for better and free programs with similar functionality.

i am using the free version of 7

i used to use it but i dont anymore. after reading about the cons of tampering with the registry i just now use avast for my antivirus and manually do the other stuff. also i installed it on my brothers lapto  (win7) and it caused some problems for him right after running it 1 time. although i had it one my laptop for about 2 years and never had any problems. but idk try doing some google searches and find more info for yourself.

Its a very nice daily maintenance program and just like any of it ,you can misuse it. Personally its my go to for system maintenance since it has alot tools in one place easy to find and access. For anyone running just hdds, its file system optimize( in smart defrag) is a must have for windows users. Its unistaller is good for getting rid of bloatware. On the downside its malaware scanner is still a little too touchy for my use. It hates printers,game clients stuff like that. It will make your life much easier if you use it correctly. With that being said i use the pro version and i dont do my own maintenance anymore. I just set it up and let it go.

A word of warning tho for users running very specific system tweaks , Its optimize system function will undo some of those tweaks. Not a big deal just turn that function off. I just use it for a system baseline and go from there . Saves alot of time.