Is a Unicomp Model M a good keyboard? (for gaming and general use)


Since my Razer Abyssus is starting to an hero I have some cash to blow and I was thinking of getting a Unicom Model M (its a modern remake of the IBM Model M) (also USB version)

I have been doing research and it seems almost just like the Model M so I wanted to know how the Model M is for gaming?

is the 2kro an issue?

is the force to press the keys an issue?

How does the keyboard stand up compared to Browns and Reds? (I hate blues and blacks are meh)

It it a fantastic keyboard, for everything. I live about 15 minutes away from where they remake the Model Ms, and have visited before. I'll be buying one for myself soon :D

They do take quite a bit of force, though. They take between 60 and 80 grams of force, which is more than an MX Black. Take heed.

Well what about the 2kro that I've been hearing about?

I mostly play Sup Com FA and Dota2 with some TF2 on the side so force isn't an issue, but 2kro seems low, this coming from a guy with a 4kro w/ 5kro on certain combos

IMHO anything mechanical is nice for gaming or typing.  I've never touched a mechanical that I didn't absolutly love using.  Currently using CoolerMaster Storm Trigger.  My roommate loves my cherry blues when he's trying to fall asleep :D

Well Im more concerned about the nkro atm

Roll-over is never an issue for me. I would say 2 keys are plenty for most situations.

Do you play FPSes?

The most I will push would be 2 keys in the wasd/,aoe cluster (Dvorak user here) and shift or space.

Do you manage that in fpses?

bump because I still need help ;_;

If you hate Cherry MX Blue switches, then buckling spring keyboards are probably not for you. In my personal opinion, no Cherry MX switch comes close to the feel of the IBM Model M buckling springs, and that includes the Unicomp keyboards. The Model M was so great because it was built like a tank, it was heavy, with a heavy steel base plate, heavy hardware allround, very tough switches and lettring, just a quality that is not of this time anymore. The Model M is a keyboard made for 5000 USD+ PC's, because that's what a basic PC cost in those days, often much more. It was a keyboard made in a time where if you got a leather interior for your car, it would actually be leather, whereas now everything is plastic. The Unicomp version of the Model M is like the leatherette version of the old leather upholstery, it's a plastic keyboard with a so-so finish, and although it has buckling springs, it doesn't have the massive feel and reverberating deep sound of the real Model M. It's not about the fact that it clicks, it's about how it clicks, an original IBM Model M clicks with conviction, it actually reverberates in the steel base plate and the desk, .50 cal machine gun style, while cherry MC blue or green switches sound like a suppressed Mini Uzi, it's a sharp, lifeless click.

My issue with Blues is they don't feel right and have an anoying sound.

They have a sharp click click not the satisfying 'thud" I like.


lol I made this thread almost 2 years ago, just got my first Model M the other day.

boy was younger me missing out on this modern wonder of engineering.