Is a two year degree in computer science enough

It sounds to me like you should both start job hunting and get your application to the 4-year program all set, then jump at whatever opportunity looks best when it comes to decision time. There's no reason to shut either of those doors now.

I have a BA, but not in IT. I actually went to a place called Centriq for 4 months, got a job in 2 months in a completely different city (didn't move for the job, wife's MA...). Also, connections are good but I'm convinced there are more recruiters than actual devs right now so someone WILL try to help you find a job. Most recruiters aren't great and connections are better though. I'm a web dev, on track to make 6 figures in a few years (I've already been doing this for 5) probably and not really high stress.

I'm actually actively trying to subvert expensive liberal arts degrees in favor of apprenticeships/vocational training so take that for what it is. That college debt is tanking our economy right now.

I'm actually also curious in this. Glad someone asked.

My question is though, with the ongoing switch to quantum computing, is CS going to hold its own in 15-20 years when I would be at my peak income? I love working with computers, I love math, but I also enjoy physics and I am really having a hard time deciding between the two. I'm sure that right now CS is the best thing to pursue a degree in, but what about the future?

I also know that the math classes required for both are practically the same. I also plan to pursue my PhD in one of them and my undergrads in business so I can start a company to retire on later in life.

Just some of my thought process, and more stuff to think about

I did 4 Years of IT + CS & Business Mgmt on the side with a whole bunch of other Qualifications tacked on later.
I still feel like I don't know enough :laughing:

Main thing is, get something that gives you a qualification you can use to get a job with. But by all means if CS get's you hooked after 2 years your college/Uni should offer the ability to extend it to the advanced 4 years if you wish.

Working on both, trying to learn the rest of the skills I need for jobs in my area.

haven't pick what my end goal is like what I want to be as far as a developer. So far REALLY enjoy web, but i have little experiences with the other 2 i am looking into ( cloud and apllication). I know i can do more than one, but i want to have one to start with and get experience under my belt.

I would love to have a PhD in computer science one day, but no idea if i could ever afford or have the time for it.

I plan to do Business Mgnt on the side as well, took a lot of classes in high school on it enjoy it was well and i feel the mgnt skills will help when working on teams .

Yeah, right now I am not sure if I am, i have 4 certifications, but feel like I know nothing. I want to get into software development, but because of how my tech school works I have networking and database certs.

Can't agree more... My DB Certs got me jobs my degree has never factored into any job.