Is a SSD really worth it for gaming?

i am making a build and im not sure if i should include a 120gb SSD since im not sure how much space windows will take and id probably only be able to fit a few  other games on the SSD so is it worth paying $90+ on faster loading times only on a few games you play?

Worth it for gaming? No. However, it is worth it for the boot times for both your OS, and larger games/programs. As long as you don't have to skimp on the other parts of the build, it is a greate addition, but won't really affect gaming.

unless that game has a LOT of save points and loading areas, then it will rely directly on the hard drive for speed. which usually doesn't matter to me much, if there's a 25 second loading screen, i take the time to continue eating my sandwich.

Bottom line: Do you want to give up sandwich eating time?     ~loljk


ok thanks im going to save that $100 but if i could get a larger SSD i think it would be worth it but not only for faster OS and a couple of games loading times.

I just wont play games like Fallot there are so many loading screens in that game almost every door you go through but  since i dont care about windows loading time should i just get a 120gb SSD for games?i would be fine with that, the only reason i dont want to put windows on a ssd is because it probably woul take up most of the space and leave only enough room for a few things.

When i build my system, i will defiently put the games i play the most offen on my ssd, aslong as i have space. What the point of getting a 120GB ssd only for your OS? why not make those loadings times stupid fast.

A typical install for windows (your milage most likely WILL vary) is about 40-50 GB. If you happen to have an intel chipset z68 or z77 you can cache a SSD like in raid 0. There is a huge danger doing that in the time that I ran my system like that I had more trouble than what its worth. Anyway if you want to save some cash don't get an SSD. Spend you money on a better CPU, videocard, and ram. Those are the big three for gaming you want for your budget. SSDs seems to be a premium type item still anyway.

yes it is worth it for gaming.. there is virtually 0 waiting on progress/loading in games like skyrim vs using a mechanical drive... i can not picture going back to mechanical drives unless for mass storage in raid setups. dont' be afraid of evolution.

kinda what i said :P

if you want speed, you can always run two HDDs in RAID 0, and benifit from the fast read and write speeds :)

also, SSD is fast, but expensive, and less GBs for your money :(

i have a crucial 128bg SSD, and it fills up very quick, this is how i feel some times, trying to conserve space.

Just remember once you have witnessed the speed of an SSD you will never go back to installing an OS on a HDD.

Windows takes up anywhere between 16 and 23 GB of space depending on how many extras (like language packs and additional drivers) you install. So a 120 GB SSD would serve you well for storing most of your applications on, and even some games. But do take note, the only thing that it will benefit you to have in gaming is the loading time. Most games have also made the loading screen into something that will take a predescribed amount of time regardless of your drive's speed, and many are unskippable. If you are only concerned about what benefit it would give you as a gamer, then it is certainly NOT worth the investment. If you use your computer for a lot of other things, it does make regular use significantly faster.




an ssd for the operating system and a FEW main games you play will greatly decrease loading times, but not game performance.  most people get something like a 128gb ssd for the os and a few main games.  if the load time differences are worth a 100 bucks go for it.  otherwish you can save that money for something else and deal with the extra 15-20sec load times on the high end games.


$120 for a 120gb hdd vs $120 towards a better gpu. Hmm....

hd 7770 - $130 ish vs 7950 on sale - $260

That $130 could get you a 128gb samsung 840 pro, or you could go from a low end 7770 to a 7950. Much better improvement.


you dont have to put your os on the ssd (as far as i know) you could just use it for programs and the games. otherwise i think it depends on your budget.

There is a far bigger noticable difference between a system with an SSD.

Also remember he's looking into a build so he's not going to save $120 he's only going to save about $60 because he'll still need a HDD.

There is a huge difference between ssd and hdd, I know, but for gaming it doesn't matter. Get a fast 7200rpm. Then if you have extra money get a SSD (or faster gpu or something else, which would be better)