Is a i5 rig possible with £450/710$

Hey guys, i really want to know if it possible to get an i5 build on a budget, im building a PC and basically throwing all of my money at it. After 3weeks of research ive seen that the i5 is a much better cou overall.

and parts lists are helpful, thanks,

P.S could you make the parts list compatible with the uk ive had alot of lists where ive made it from usa>uk and the parts just arnt available.

Best I could do. Graphics card is weak, so is the HDD. An AMD build suits that price point more.

agree with tallgeese, impossible

I think an i5-3470 would be the best option for a cheap build.

You ca probably also save some money on the motherboard then because you're not be able to OC it.


The 3350p does good too on the benchmarks and is cheap.


Though I'm not sure about that one.

This is probably a better option. I think it would handle modern games pretty well.

You could get an i5 pc if you go a bit over the budget though

it is but you wont get good graphics and do you want windows 7 included in the price?

It's definitely possible, but your in game performance will suffer as you will have to sacrifice your GPU in order to squeeze in an i5. The in game performance between the i5, and something like an FX-6300, is fairly small (0-5fps in most cases). However, a build with the 6300 will give you about 80$ extra to spend on something like a better GPU, which will make a much bigger difference in-game.