Is a i5 4690K and R9 295x2 overkill for 1360x768p?

So yeah thinking of upgrading to a R9 295x2 (have 2 R9 270x's right now) and an i5 4690K or i7 4790K (i have an AMD Athlon II x4 860K now) so yeah. i just like the look of the R9 295x2 :P and the Athlon x4 is bottlenecking my 2 270x's (like 99% CPU and 55% GPUs) so yeah so i have to have either a i5 or i7 to keep up with a 295x2. i wanna see how manny FPS i get in BF4 at 1360x768p :D (thats my TV''s res) so yeah :P

BTW its going for 600 at Microcenter so why not? lol the R9 295x2 i mean.

only about 600% overkill

Spend some money and get a good screen first. Something like the Acer XB270HU


well im a gpahics snob. and i wanna see if BF4 get to its frame limiter lol

and its shallow but it just look epic lol

Um, yes, completely overkill. The 4690k is perfect for gaming, but I think it'd be more worth it to buy a cheaper graphics card, and get a better monitor if money is an issue.

Unless you like seeing your game play at 250 fps for some weird reason, then you have wasted power from your system not benefiting you.

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but for 600 bucks dude? i cant pass that up.

i mean isnt a GTX 980 4GB like that much?

and anywhere else the 295x2 is likw 1100 bucks

No one is denying 600 bucks for that is fantastic, but just know you are at most maybe using a third of the R9 295x2's power on a 1366x768 monitor. If you do get this GPU, I'd make it a priority to get a higher res monitor/tv so you can use it's full potential.

EDIT: What Deejeta said is what I mean, something like the 970 and a good 1080p/1440p is a beautiful combo. 1366x768 is not even close to the standard anymore.

That resolution made me cry just a little.
Money could be better spent on a nice screen >=1080p + a good gpu - 290, 970, even 980... or wait for the 380x.

eh for me that res is good for me. but yeah if i get that card. next pay check or next two pay checks ill get a low end 4k. or maybe 3 1080p screens

also my screen is smaller so it looks like 1440p

If that's what you wanna do, sure. But no, it does not by any means look like 1440p, thats not how it works. A 1440p monitor is the only thing that looks like a 1440p monitor. Just keep that in mind, the res increase is massive.

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hmm. well ive never seen anything over 1080p, just cuase i was never intrested. but maybe ill reasech more. but for 600 bucks, and theres only 4 left. if i dont get it now theyll be gone before you can say "The Titan Z is a rip off" so ill get that card. then a higher res Screen

Sounds good man, but trust me, once you get a higher res screen it will be like heaven. That happened to me with 1366x768 to 1080p a fair number of years ago, it's a beautiful thing.

ill take that to heart. once i see it hit 250FPS in BF4 at ultra just once ill be happy lol then ill upgrade screens then i can say to people i play Bf4 at 250FPS lol

For the love of all things good buy a new monitor or TV!

Imagine mine craft? I can finnaly get 15FPS! Lol (jk)

Just make sure you have a PSU that can run it as well. Anything else you want is up to you. I will say though if you are willing to drop this kind of cash. The 300 series is still coming sometime between now and the end of time, date TBC. And that looks like it will be better than the 295x2 so if you want over kill...

The good thing is you could jump straight to 1440p and still be over kill with that GPU.