Is a GTX 690 better than an GTX 760?



I'm relatively new to computers and I'm going to be buying my first build very soon and I was looking at graphic cards comparisons and it came up a lot that a GTX 690 much better than A GTX 760 and I just want to make sure I was buying the most cost effective card. Also if anyone wants to check out my build just go to this forum post:


Better? Well, the 690 is much faster, but it will have its problems.

What resolution are you gaming at? What games do you play? What is your budget? I will give you some options.

Yes it is much better. Pretty sure the 690 is two 680s bolted together, so it's almost like two 770s


the 690 is using SLI, so not all games will scale as well as others and there can be all sorts of glitches. For the most part SLI is pretty good but if you can get a single GPU card with similar performance at a similar price then go with that instead. 

well each of the 2 gpus on the 690 is better than the 760 so it's unquestionably better, i'm sure it also costs more than twice as much, so i'm not sure why anyone would compare those two cards <-- This is the build that I think Im going to go with and my budget in the post was max $1300 but I might raise it to $1400 tho. I'm not sure about the resolution but I'll be playing BF4, Payday 2, DayZ, War Thunder, Kerbal Space Program, all of the il-2's, a little bit of minecraft, and lots of flight sims and fpses.

Well, you're not far wrong. I think if you change the 4570 to a 4670k, you could call it a day.

If you wanted to raise your budget to 1400, you could get quite a bit more for your money.

There are other things to consider. You might purchase 1 monitor now, and purchase the second monitor at a later time. This would allow you to invest more in your build.

The 770 is definitely worth the upgrade over the 760. But the 760 is still a good card, and should play most games on ultra at 1080p.

I would also recommend a really good quality power supply:

Your system won't need more than 500W.

Could you possibly link me a 770? Its really confusing on which one is better. also I'm going to raise it to 1400 and I just really want dual monitors as someone who has only played on a semi-good laptop and an xbox 360 there whole life. Thanks for the advice on the power supply I was just a bit apprehensive about how much power it would take. EDIT: I realised that the 750 is much cheaper than that 550 power supply and lets me have lots of extra wattage for future upgrades


You'd be surprised. Systems don't require much power at all.

The 4670k is far more appropriate on a Z87 motherboard, so that's why I bumped that up. The K CPU means that you can overclock the CPU. And the Z87 motherboards are the top-tier, premium, overclocking capable boards. It isn't a requirement, but it keeps everything in order.


Cheap, good all-round 770. This is a really high-end card. I know this is your first gaming PC, and I just want you to know that you can spend a lot less and still get really great performance. But if you want to go all out and really have enthusiast quality in your games, this would probably be the way to go.


Everything else in your system looks pretty balanced.

Thanks for the help man!