Is a Corsair VS650 enough?

Hello to everybody ! Could anyone tell me if a Corsair vs650 is gonna be enough for a rig with an R9 290 from Saphire , an FX6300 and a couple of fans ? Because I heard that the R9 290 is quite a power hog , and if it isn't enough could you recomend me a stronger PSU but at about the same price point , I only got the 290 because I found a very sweet deal on it and my budget is really limited.

It is more than enough. Your system what pull more than 450W. 

Thanks man , I got worried because in the PSU recommendations for the 290 they say that a 750w is needed , but I am always skeptical about that stuff.

They always tell you way more than you need just to be on the safe side. Usually no single GPU system will pull more than 550Ws though. 

You want to check your amperages too. That is probably more important. 

I don't really know where to find that stuff because I've searched for it but couldn't find anything relevant  about the GPU's requirements neither about the PSU's output. Anyway thank's for the heads-up man ! 

Just found the numbers , it can deliver 50A on the 12V rail , so I think it's enough.

more then enough yeah ☺