Is a corsair h100i pro rgb enough cooling?

is a corsair h100i pro rgb enough to cool a ryzen 5 3600 properly?? or any other ryzen 3000 series cpu?

I suppose it will. But it depends, do you want to do heavy overclocking, or just leave it stock and let pbo do it’s thing?

Is it a cooler you already have? Or are you planning to buy it?

i already have it, was using it for my ryzen 5 2600. its now installed on my 3600 but havnt really pushed it yet.

considering I run my 3700x on the H80 i V2 and I get max 75c on benchmarking software, im sure you will get better temps than me with a bigger rad.

that makes sense considering both chips have a tdp of 65w

If that is the case, then I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be able to handle your 3600 :slight_smile:

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ill do a stress test with aida 64 and get back to you soon on here

ok the highest temp it reached was 78c, does that look ok?

also the highest clock speed i saw was like 3980mhz i think it should reach 4200mhz under that kind of load. and i do have the latest bios on my b450 tomahawk board.

It depends on what specifically you are trying to achieve.

I have a 3800x at stock - cooled by a h150i pro. for the most part things run cool, but there are a few noticeable idiosyncrasies. For example - when the liquid temp is under 20c the cpu will clock itself to 4.325 all core under the cpuz bench test. As soon as the liquid temp goes over 20c it drops to 4.295 all core, and keeps dropping as the temp increases until the liquid temp hits 30c, then it bottoms out at 4.225 all core.
So the point at which it auto clocks itself down may be so low that the type of cooler you use is irrelevant.

Can’t speak to overclocking - I’ve never OC’d an AMD cpu so I don’t have temp numbers for it.

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my temps got up to 77c using aida64 stress test. clocks got to 3989mhz. seems the clocks are low to me. what do you think? how can i get the boost clocks higher?

I’m downloading AIDA64 now - ill run a test and post my temps.

Considering that my temps bounced between 75 - 80 deg I would say that your temps are fine. Clocks were 4100 - 4175, ambient temp is 24c

I can’t give any advice about overclocking on AMD - maybe @wendell could help or tag someone who knows what to do.

I’m posting an overly elaborate thread about this shortly, let’s see how our experiences compare

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There is the ryzen 300 megathread, from what I gather zen 2 is already overclocked from factory; and overclocking yourself might bring minimal performance difference. However ive seen ram overclocking and timing tweaking that brings some impressive gains.

That was my impression also - and the reason why I’m fine with leaving everything stock.

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same, I might dabble in ram timings but Ifound out the ram I got wasnt samsung b die so idk if that will change things at all. only one way to find out I guess… better than nothing

I have Hynix and mine is ‘fine’ at 3600 (2x8gb) b-die is ridiculously overpriced. besides, its total latency you want to pay attention to.

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Seems fine for your cooler.

If you fire up a game, I’m pretty sure it will hit 4200 mhz on some cores. Remeber that synthetic stress test like Aida hit the cpu harder than most real workloads will.

I don’t have a 3000 ryzen myself, but I have a 1900x that sits at 4 ghz all cores, and under an Aida stresa test it stays in the high 60’s during a 24 hour run. It’s cooled with a noctua nh-u12s and two of their new fans.

Tldr: i think the temps are fine, considering your cooler, and that it might hit higher speeds during something like gaming.

H100’s are kinda meh. Get a kraken.