Is a 780 worth it?

Ive been looking for a good gpu for recording and editing also to play any game with maxed out settings that's under 480 dollars ive seen the new R9 290s but i hear they get very hot and loud also the gtx 780 come with shadow play wich is helpful for recording ive also considered a gtx 770 but does it really meet my demands for the money? 

What do you guys think is the best for what i want?

Its a good choice. I like many wouldn't get a 290 until there are non ref cards out. When that happens it is looking like it will be a completely different card so hopefully it will happen soon.

+1 The 780 seems to have been completely overshadowed by the 290 and 780ti, and probably for good reason. The 780ti blows the balls off of everything else on the market for the same premium price that the 780 launched at, and the 290, supposedly, gets almost the same performance as the 290x which, supposedly, beats the 780, and for only 400 it looks like a steal once that god awful reference cooler is gone.