Is a 1440p 27" monitor worth it?

I’m looking to change my current monitor, a Dell S2715H, as I need more USB ports on my monitor, and I’m highly interested to get the Dell U2722D. I love the boderless design, the good colour reproduction, it has 4 USB ports, and as a bonus its 1440p.

However, I’m kind of a cheapass, and a $486CAD (with an additional rebate) + tax, it’s a little bit expensive for me (even if I can afford it). I could always get a Dell P2722H which is 1080p, without a complete boderless design, for $365CAD.

Is 1440p, (and better colours) worth the the $120 difference? Or should I stick to 1080p as I’m fine with the resolution of my actual monitor. Or is it wise of me to risk it and go with an openboxed U2722H online at BestBuy to save a hundred-ish quids?

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at things so I couldn’t tell you what monitor is good or what it’s worth. For my personal use, monitors below 1440p or 120hz simply don’t exist when it comes to putting down money. It’s like buying DDR3, yeah I’m sure it was nice.

For work stuff, 1440p is still the minimum and 4K starts looking really useful, and 60hz is fine.

If its for work related stuff, I’d say it will always be worth it because if it helps you make more money, then why arent you buying it?

Also, why not 4k? If having a 4k monitor helps you make more money, then dont cheap out on it (meaning go for brand new and not an openboxed stuff).

The only downside, apart from the upfront cost, is the need for a better video card. If you do not play games on that machine, this is less of an issue. But if you do game, 1440p is easier to drive.

What are you using it for?
The resolution is really nice bonus, but I would say you would want to increase the size as well as the resolution. Craming more pixels in the same size may cause some issues, especially cause 27"1080p is on the huge pixel size, while 27" 1440p have tiny pixels. Stuff like text, browsers and stuff may be frustrating with tiny font.
IF you are looking just to play games I would say get the 1080p one. Any GPU can run anything 1080p no problem.
IF you want to do some photo or video work you may want to put the money in for the better colors.

Still I would say get larger 1440p screen. 1440p is amazing on larger size. I run 32" 1440p for a few years now. I am insanely happy with it.

I wouldnt buy 1080p these days - and 27" is fine for 1440p

If you want to potentially get a ‘better’ monitor for around the same money have a look at and sort by price and features.

I don’t game often, and mostly consume content, so higher refresh rate is a nice to have but not a prerequisite. Plus, I still have not experienced high refresh screens, so I have not been spoiled and I’m happy with 60Hz.

It’s not for work, it’s for personal use. Ya it’s also used for work as I’m still WFH, but any screen would do the job in the context of my job.

It’s more a “want” as right now I’m running short of USB ports. Moved out my mouse dongle from inside my Gamecube as I had connection problem when I would get somewhat warm inside the PC (like playing Minecraft). But now I have to use a USB hub to get an additional USB port, and the latter doesn’t play nicely at all when my PC fall asleep. Hence, why I’m looking at upgrading my screen to one with 4 instead of 2 USB ports.

4K increases the bill considerably. Also, I think my 1650 would not like 4K :sweat_smile:

It’s mostly for content consumption, with some gaming from time to time. I just like to have nice things, and 99%RGB is attractive, because I can get annoyed really fast by a screen with off colours.

I was interested in also going bigger, but I don’t seem to find anything reasonably priced with 4 USB ports. But I might have missed options.

That’s also what I was saying to myself, but I wanted to be sure.

USB hubs are a thing… No need to look for the monitor to have USBs…
IDK, after using 32"1440p for over an year I can’t imagine working on a 27"…

I have one with 4 ports, but 1 in 2 times, I’m unable to wake up my computer from sleep, and often need to restart twice before getting the Windows login. Seems to be a known issue since Win10. But now I deactivated a option for USB power during sleep so will see if that helps.

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At 27" the choice between 1440p and 1080p is IMHO a no brainer. At that size 1080p pixels on a monitor are huge. 1440p less so.

I would (and did) err on the side of 4k personally, at reasonable distance a 4k monitor enables you to do 4x 1080p windows pretty cleanly.

But definitely, 1440p will be so worth it over 1080p.

I say this as someone with a Dell U2711 (I think) 1440p 10 bit panel at work (its ancient) and a 27" AOC 4k 10 bit panel at home (both IPS, 60hz).

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Well there are of course also other brands and panel technologies you could look into.
I personally like ips monitors for the most part.
However now a days there are also pretty good VA monitors with good colors,
and decent viewing angle’s as well.
So you could also look into 1440p VA monitors as well,
which are sometimes a little bit cheaper then ips.
Of course there are also plenty of midrange ips monitor options with usb hubs etc.
If you are a graphical designer then a high quality ips panel is still the way to go.
However those kind of panels aren’t cheap anyways.

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The only real metric I use for if a monitor is going to be useful is it’s DPI. I like the 90-100 dpi range. Lower than that and you’re hurting for screen real estate, above and you’re getting into scaling which can be a real pain. Beyond that, everything else is basically fine IMO.

Of course, based on your application, you may want additional features like high refresh rate or color accuracy.

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MacBook Pro panels have ruined me for lesser displays :smiley:

4k in 27" or better for me preferably. Text just looks so much cleaner, crisper and easier to read even when at small font sizes.

Which might sound sorta counterintuitive as I’m sure my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be (I’m 44). But for the past 15+ years I’ve always tried to buy “nice” monitors in terms of clarity rather than worrying about refresh rate. I think it has helped.

I mean I probably stare at the things for 10+ hours per day most days. Monitors are one of those things its worth allocating a decent budget to imho.

I’m still happy with my 1080p, so 1440p is just gonna be an upgrade. :sweat_smile: And I’m superficial, so I finally I went with the U2722D because I like so much the full borderless style, and it has my 4 usb ports. Despite trying different power settings, and usb hubs, still unable to wake my PC from sleep using a a run-of-the-mill usb hub.


see if you have power supply loading in your eufi.
if incorrectly set it can affect hibernation/sleep/ wakeup.

as to what setting is correct. sorry you will have to look it up on your psu supplier or maybe motherboard manual.

Having used a 27" 1080p monitor as my main monitor in the past I do not recommend. At that size, at the distance you sit from it, it’s horrible. No amount of anti-aliasing is enough. I much much much prefer 4K at this size. I have a 125% display scale which makes makes everything the same size it would be at 1440p, but with the clarity of the higher resolution. I would definitely go with at least 1440p for this size, 1080p was awful.

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So are you actually looking for a monitor, or is that just a happy coincidence to the USB shortage.

You could probably just buy a nice powered 6/8 port USB hub and double side stick it to the monitor you have no and get all be benefits of USB 3.2 Gen2 2x2 OMGWTFBBQSAUCE Ultra wideband thunderbolt PD XYZlMNOP insert probably another 12 designations because the USB IF are morons. For a lot less money.

Then look or wait for a monitor you really want and not have to be restrained by potential USB options. I mean usually the USB board in a monitor is just a separate hub anyway not even attached to the main board.

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This is what I do also.

As you say it “feels like” 1440p in terms of real estate but is just much cleaner and easier to read.

Oh yeah. The pixel clarity that vector graphics and fonts afford at 4K even at the same physical size as 1440p or 1080p can’t really be overstated. And then when you consume 4K content (which is the actual reason I went with 4K in the first place) it looks so good.

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Well it was an excuse also to try have a new borderless monitor after seven years using the same monitor. And because I didn’t want to go with powered USB hub and have one more cable to deal with. :grin:

I consume mostly YouTube videos and anime (when I don’t procrastinate) so 4K is less useful, and my GTX 1650 will not like it :sweat_smile:. Plus now having my new 1440p matte screen, I find glossy plays a huge part, for me, in the appreciation of content. Content is sharper and colors pops up more with glossy screens. Maybe later if there is a boderless glossy 1440p monitor like the engineering sample of the Eve monitor for sale, maybe I will update again my monitor.