Is 650 watt power supply enough?

So I am upgrading my old retailed Pc whit a new Motherboard and CPU.

I am going to buy a AMD FX-8350 CPU or  FX-8150 whit watercooling kit

And  AsRock 990FX PROFESSIONAL Fatal1ty Motherboard.

And I allready have one Asus GTX 570 and 4x 4Gb 2400Mhz kingston Beast Ram

And my power supply is chieftec aps-650c

So I am just wondering does my power supply have enough juice for all this ?

Ehhh Technically just enough for it, you won't really be able to overclock with it though and I suggest you just get a good 80+ powersupply from Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, a good brand. Also go 8350 over 8150 no matter what cooling you get, Piledriver walks on Bulldozer every day of the week.