Is 650 TI boost (2-way SLI) worth it?

Thinking of getting two 650 TI's in SLI will it out compete 7950, gtx 760 and 660 TI. I have around £250 to spend on a GPU. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.




Yousuf (From UK)

have a look and see if it suits what you wanna do with it, also have a look around and see what other tests are out there.

Perhaps it would be an idea to wait a few weeks aswell, with the release of the new AMD cards prices are going to most like change, so your 250 quid will probably get you more than it will do now.

I got a HD7950 for £190 today (this one ) 2 650ti(2gb) boost sli is around the same as a GTX 670 or 760 But for £250 you can get HD7970'S OR R9 280X Gpu's.

GTX 650 Ti Boost 2-Way SLI VS. GTX 670:

A overclocked HD7950 beats boost sli,GTX,670,GTX760 EVEN gives the GTX770 a run for its money you allso get better memory bandwith and higher vram.

HD7970 £240

R9 280X Dual-X OC £230

Here is some benchmarks all cards are overclocked.



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single gpu > dual gpus