Is 600 reasonable for the newest macbook air used

So basically I bought a macbook air and used it a few weeks and I decided I prefer windows. I would like to know if a very very lightly used macbook would be reasonable to sell for 600 on here?

you can't return it?

I don't think anyone around here is really going to be interested in a mac, but you could just install windows onto it, if you feel like breaking your brain a bit, though maybe it's just the mac I worked on, some issue connecting with the hard drive, although if you return it you could just get like a lenovo laptop and swap the hard drive for a 240gb SSD for the same price and get their nice keyboard

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The price is reasonable i think.

If only I had 600 dollars burning in my pocket right now. If you still have it in a month from now I'd take it off your hands. but if you get any offers for it sooner, No hard feelings.

11 or 13?


Ill hold on to it for ya

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I might be wrong, but wouldn't it be easier to find a used Windows laptop in the same performance range? More maliable, anyways.

It's like iPhones some people prefer MacBooks and I know I could PROBABLY get more for it but I'm not concerned about it tbh