Is 550w okay for a 6970?

Found a 6970, would a 550w XFX bronze+ psu be fine? Pairing with FX6300.

If so I'm getting it tommorow, if not..well I'm not.

my fx 8350 and 6970 only pulls 350 watts at load and about 200 when surffing the web

Holy hell. So you're saying I'm all good then? lol.

Ya I wouldn't use 2 gpus with out an 750w psu but with a good psu you should be fine. people recomend having twice what you will use at gaming load, because power supplies will be most efficient at 50% load, but with modern power supplies your only looking at 3-6% drop in peek efficiency with anywhere from a 30% to 80% load. so your power bill might be $0.50 higher.