Is 45-50c too high for a CPU? (i7-5820k)

Hey guys! Just got finished building my first build (ever). The CPU has a cheap (probably going to be switched out next paycheck) CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO cooling the CPU. I was wondering--currently I am running Garry's Mod at Max settings and I'm getting anywhere between 43c-50c. Are these temperatures high for a CPU? If so, what CPU cooler would you guys recommend? Thanks forum!

No those numbers are completely fine. Intel can run way hotter then that. If your worried grab a AIO water cooler or somthing.

Anything below 60°C is fine. No need to worry about your CPU.

50°C is basicly a great temp for a 5820k.
you only should worry if its getting close to 90°C