Is $400 a good price for Shield?

I'm currently looking at buying a Shield Tablet, I've found someone on ebay who appears to be a reputable seller. They're selling the 32GB Shield w/ (nvidia) Controller and (nvidia) Cover for $400. The controller is very lightly used, while the Shield is open but unused.

Is this a good price? Is it likely that the Shield will get a better price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Well, I think the 32GB model retails for $400 new, controller is $60, cover is like $40. So all in $500 new. Prob not bad. 

As for discounts I'm not to sure. I know they didn't sell that many and with the way mobile technology is advancing right now they will be out of date rather soon. So I'd imagine they will be on sale for BF. 

I was lucky enough to win a 16gb shield recently. I have been surprised how much I have used it to game. Streaming over wifi from my PC to the shield and controller has been a really nice experience.

It is also a pretty solid all round tablet, battery life isn't amazing, but its usable. Nvidia seem to be really on top of bug fixes and updates as well, which is nice.


EDIT: - Also, I wouldn't be put off by the 16gb model, it does have a micro sd slot after all !