Is 4 GB RAM enough?


I'm looking for a laptop, and can't seem to find quite the right one. I'm begining my studies at the University, so I need a nice laptop that is really light and easy to bring and nice to type on. It does not need to be a monster with specs of 10^100 everything since I have a decent PC at home, but I want it to "feel fresh" serveral years from now, and as well run most programs except games and heavy editing like photoshop and so on.

I really really like the design of the 13.3" Samsung Series-9, but the only <13,3" Series-9 I find here in Sweden (or in the Interwebs) are versions with only 4 GB of RAM, and that is soldered to the chip (and yes, that is a single channel, or at least single slot, so I can't upgrade it my self. DAMN YOU SAMSUNG!)

This is a dealbreaker for me. 4 GB is the bare minimum I could accept on a computer today. On the other hand, I really like the laptop otherwise. So I thought that I'd let you guys try to convince me wether to buy this, sticking to 4 GB on my laptop for probably 5 years or so, or look for other alternatives (if I feel that I need help picking one, then I'll make antoher topic for that. Let's keep it clean in the forums :) )

Oh, and one more thing: I will run Linux on it (probably Ubuntu), so it will be nowhere near as resoruce heavy as a windows. 4 GB on windows is of cource not even an option.




Important edit: If you can find a Samsung Series-9 13.3" with a core i5<, 256 GB SSD (or interchangable) and 8 GB RAM with international shipping - PLEASE TELL ME! :)

Like you said yourself you don't need it to have kick a kid punch a nun specs so 4gb should suffice. Honestly, I could survive with 2gb if I wasn't going to play games.