Is 1st gen Xeon bronze worth it? Or look elsewhere?

Getting right to the point. I found a Xeon bronze 3106 and 48GB DDR4 2666 on a super micro M-ATX board for about $500. After a bit of searching, It may have been pulled from a Supermicro 5019P-MTR?

Not that the cpu is anything impressive, it still has 8 cores on a much newer architecture than anything I have currently (Haswell mostly). Was thinking of a new proxmox box.

Pricing out the parts on eBay shows it being worth it…but I feel compelled to ask the community first in case there is a much better option out there.

Probably not a bad deal.
However you also look into used first gen Ryzen stuff maybe.
Which could likely be found for less.



Thank you for the advice. Maybe I’ll just save my money for now. The CPU is already 5 years old and the 1.7Ghz clock speed with no boost along with the low memory speed (CPU only supports up to 2133) has me concerned it could be a poor performer for my use case.

I got a similar CPU (one generation older, but higher “quality”). With the performance on the CPU, dont expect much…doesn’t even have hyperthreading (even mine has).

Unless there is something very special on that board, I’d rather buy a new Ryzen5+cheap board+ram for maybe 100€ more. Those Ryzen 5600x’s eat Haswell+Skylake Xeons for breakfast.


Yup pretty much.

First gen Ryzen stuff would also be better then that particular Xeon performance wise.
A 300 series board with a R7-1700 could probably be found for less then $500,-


Yeah the low clock speed will be the killer.

It may be 8 cores but likely a 3300x with 4 cores and 8 threads at >4 ghz sustained (or say, a skylake quad core 8 thread part) will murder it. More than double the clock even with half the threads. Better IPC too. And they aren’t expensive.

Both in single thread and multi thread. But especially so in things that don’t thread well.


I’ve decided to go with a stop gap. I searched for a decent (and not insanely priced) Broadwell CPU that my dl380 G9 supports. I found a E5-2640 v4 for about $150. Sure it is older architecture but has 10 cores and a decent turbo (for an older Xeon). I figure I should hopefully have no problem moving over the dozen-ish LXC containers and 2 VMs I currently have to deal with on 2 separate nodes.

I do appreciate the advice I’ve received on here. I will definitely save the rest of the cash until I find something better.


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