Is 1440p Really That Great?

No real monitor section so I'll dump it here.

I've never really paid full price for a monitor.  I currently run:

Main: 1920 x 1080 LG e2250V

Secondary: 1280 x 1024

I paid $40 for my 1920x1080, and got my 1280x1024 for free.

Is it worth a full $300 to get a 1440p schimian monitor?

CPU: i5-3570K

GPU: HD 7950

there big and have good pixel density but you can get the same pixel density on a 21.5in 1080p as a 27in 1440p.  I personally would not buy one but the games i play favor a smaller higher refresh monitor.  if you want the clarity a 21.5in 1080p ips will do if you want that and big size a 27in 1440p is an option.

the quality will ceartly improve with 1440p, but i think that 1080p it's really enough. with all these money, you can get 2 1080 p display and set 3 monitor

1080p is enough. The amount with which you have to invest in a GPU is a little more than it is worth. I like my 1440p experience, but it's not going to be totally appropriate until the prices come down a bit further.

4:3 masterrace c: ftw! 1600x1200  Ips

...and 4k might be a little more accessible when 1440p becomes more appropriate!

Alright, thanks for your guys' opinions.  Will stick with 1080 for now :).

i have a dell 29" ultra wide screen and i love it. it's not 1440 it's  2560X1080, i also have two samsung 24" 1920X1080 above it. 

For gaming and watching HD movies, I can't tell a difference in quality between 1440p vs 1080p.  But if you want it because of a different screen size/resolution, then I can understand why.  But for picture/video quality, other factors that make a quality monitor have been my main concern.  

you're not going to see a difference in movies because movies are mostly all (at most) 1080p- if anything it will upscale to 1440 and lose quality.

You will see a difference in quality in gaming but it may not be as significant to you as it is some people.

I like 1440p for the productivity- I can fit two full sized web pages side by side. I can play 4x 720 videos or whatever. the desktop realistate is REALLY nice.

well i just bought a 27 inch 1080P ips monitor, a 1440p monitor has more pixels so you could put more things on the screen basicly, i have to say im verry happy with my 1080p ips,  the only thing with 27inch 1080p is wenn you put your nose against the screen lol you can see some pixels..


No, the pixel density is not that awesome. Better wait for 24-27" 3840x2160 monitors.

I rarely stick my nose up to the screen so my 27" 1080 ips looks great. I would buy a 4k monitor if it drops below $1000 and they keep a decent refresh rate. 

1440p for games is pretty awesome if you have a graphics card that can handle it. I like my 1440p x-star 27 inch monitor mainly for how much space you get on the screen when doing other things like programming, browsing the internet, using office software etc. Fitting two full size windows side-by-side is really useful.

After using a 1440p monitor, its hard to work on a 1080p that's the same size. Nothing feels right anymore. for 300ish dollars its totally worth it imo. I got my x-star for around 330 shipped.