Is 128G enough? SSD vs HDD

I'm wondering about this for a gaming build I'm working on. 

Is 128G or 256G enough for games?

So I'm wondering 256G, or 128G and a smallish HDD.

But the thing is I don't know if 128G could really fit what I need especially since you're supposed to leave like 20% of it empty. 

If 256G is enough I'm gonna go with that. 

It depends on the number of games, you can always use steam mover and move off the games you aren't actively playing. I wouldn't go less than 256 though because of space and because 256 is faster than the 128 variant

It depends on what games you plan to install, will they be small such as 5GB or larger such as 20GB. I agree and say you should go for at least 256GB.

It'd vary. 

ARMA 2, Cod5, Valve Games, Blacklight..stuff like that.

I just moved up to the ADATA 256G. I just wanted to hear some others opinions before I put up the extra 90$ over what I had earlier for storage.

What exactly does steam mover do? Just delete them off and you can download em later if you want?

I went with the ADATA 256G anywho for the build I'm doing.

Steam mover creates a sym link and pushes the actual data to another drive.

Unless it is a gaming dedicated computer only, i'd opt for the 256. You can get by w/ just 128 depending on how much games your gonna have installed, but then you have no storage space.