Iron Man 3 Ending

Am I the only one that thinks the ending of Iron Man 3 is as terrible as the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness?

Clean Slate Protocol? Are you serious?!?! Ok, just blow up your fleet of multi-million dollar suits that have helped to protect the world because...WATEVER MAKES PEPPER HAPPY????? Fuck pepper! I want Iron Man!!! And the money!!!! OMG the wasted money!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH aneurysm!!!

Yeah, I still found it entertaining but it wasn't a good Iron Man movie. They messed with pretty much everything they could, from the Mandarin (enjoyable performance, but still fucked up) to the perfectly controlled suits. Actually they should have deleted Jarvis in the end because he's apparently the most powerful entity on the planet besides The Hulk, given the crazy stuff he can do. Oh well, Avengers 2 could still be great. And this was undoubtedly the last Iron Man standalone movie.

That's another thing. What about Avengers 2? That's kind of a big if...unless Iron Man wont return. I dare not think of it!!