Iron Maiden

Who else is going to see them on the Final Frontier tour?

I just got my tickets today, on pre sale. Got 2 General Addmissions.

June 24th GM Place Can't come any sooner!!!

I've never been a fan of old school stuff like this. Too... boring.

you're boring

without iron maiden, there would be no melodic death metal. real talk.

I thought some people could never reach such a level of stupidity. Holy shit I was wrong.

I hope your kidding.

Ahhhhmen brotha

The only thing better than Iron Maiden is Deathklok

Get outta here

Without hands there would be no music, see how stupid that argument is?

I hate old metal. It became obsolete for a reason, it's like saying "You don't like DOS, what the FUCK are you doing?! Without DOS there's no Windows!11!1!!!!11!!". Move on.

Is the Mona Lisa outdated because it's old? Art is not comparable to things such as technology or what ever.

And when did heavy metal (or old metal as you put it) become obsolete?
There's a reason why Maiden is so much respected by casual metalers as well as the most elitist metal heads out there.

im sorry, iron maiden IS heavy metal, if u cant see how great they are then u have shit taste in music. no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" save your pathetic arguments cause i dont even give a shit what u have to say.

that is all

good night


My revised argument...


I think that should serve you well.

Oh wait, question. How many times a week do you listen to Iron Maiden? How many times a week do you listen to any metal album released after 2000?

Are you trying to imply Metal made in the 2000's is better then Metal made in the 70's 80's and 90's?


i listened to over 50 2009 metal and rock albums last year, and was playing the final sign of evil just the other day. when youre done googling that you can come back here and admit that your comment was in poor judgement and you will be forgiven for acting like a poser.

and to further elaborate. old school metal is the most respected because old school metal defined the genre. there was no metal until these guys came along, playing louder, faster, heavier than anyone else at the time. they crafted an entire genre, and unless you can listen to their music and understand it, you will fail to understand the modern stuff, which sadly is polluted by mostly a bunch of leeches like lamb of god and trivium who just want to suck off of someone elses work.

just because a band isnt downtuning and wearing "brutal" outfits and growling doesnt mean they arent heavy. example, this song has more jam to it than any pre-2000s faux black metal wannabes

but i guess its just boring...

good lord... does anyone want to know this... I don't care for Iron Maiden... I try and have tried too many times to like them.. maybe I like a few songs... just not my style. though I know that they paved the way for a lot of good music. and they are freaking artists...Â

Alright, I'll retract my statement without Googleing that.

Instead I'll just say this, which I should have specified from the beginning. I do respect old school metal, and it is pretty good still. However, since all new metal was designed from this old school metal, and either improved upon, or made worse, I have more fun listening to newer material. That doesn't mean that I don't respect Iron Maiden for pioneering a new genre of music, which turned into some of my favorite genres, because I do respect that.

As to you, Prawn, I'm not going to entertain your question with a real answer, as I hate you.

Me asking you how often you listen to new albums compared to old albums was supposed to prove that everyone listens to new metal more than old metal. It was late and I forgot to realize that all new albums which are released, are new metal. While old school bands seldom make new albums.

Just...just stop talking.

Nothing you do or say will change anything.

"How many times a week do you listen to Iron Maiden?"
Every single day on my way to school.

Stop flip flopping changing your argument to conform here.

You just proved to be a poser.

No, I didn't. I stand by the fact that I don't listen to Iron Maiden, which was my original argument.

"I've never been a fan of old school stuff like this. Too... boring."

"I do respect old school metal, and it is pretty good still."

Sorry what was that?

Sorry, I actually gave it a chance after posting that. To be honest, I hadn't looked into it too hard. I judged prematurely, and I apologized. Though even after looking into it, and hearing that it's not that bad, I'd still never listen to it for fun.