This isn't really a review idea, but it's still something for the site.  Way back when, there was an IRC channel for RazeTheWorld. (source)  Am I the only one who thinks that it may be a good idea to bring Chat back for

Might be worth mentioning in the next Tek, see what the majority of the users think? Not much point if no one will want to use it.

If people would use it, could have a bot that posts in IRC every time a new article is posted. Some gaming sites do / did this. Same with the steam group, I don't think there's much activity on the tek syndicate steam group.

I think a consistant, live and direct chatline with or without mic's would be an excellent idea.

We had previous users who tried to bring back up the chat numerous times. Unfortunately, none of them worked for a while. But I don't see the point of having one IMO, since we have the forums. But there are a few communities who would prefer to have an IRC channel. It's still a good method of reporting the status of the site; eg: Is it down? If so, why? Though we could use Twitter for that purpose (these guys aren't that bad at business and marketing unlike Fogbook).

I used to love the IRC when we were the usual bunch, just talking nonsense back in old RTW days, but it was pretty few in general who used it, so I fell off the habit of regulary logging in.

LONG LIVE KREMATH, the lurking IRC monster

Looks like we have the irc now (  Thanks Logan!  

That's fantastic, I'll try to hang out on it fairly regularly