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IRC channel for LevelOneTechs?


Hey guys,
I'm just thinking aloud here, but wouldn't an IRC channel/channels be productive to advance the community?



The community already has a really successful Discord server which can be found here:

As of not to long ago it had 1174 members with less than 200 of those being inactive.


There's an IRC channel in place already, sorta.

#level1 on EFnet (

Alternatively there is a Discord server as well.

Although the last time I went on either of the chat places they weren't the most active of places.


Eden is active in Discord and so is Zavar.

Those are the only people that I know of that use it.


All community servers seem to be cyclical in nature. Not just the chat ones, but even the game ones will start, get used a lot, and then die off. Eventually something new will start and people will use it a while before it too dies off.

There's a L1 Servers subforum, but the last post was months ago. Community servers just don't last.


I am lurking there now, thanks for the tip!


fiar point.


Have you been on recently? Thought there's a daily cycle of activity there's a good few new regulars which is great to see.


Discord is down.

IRC is up.

Feel free to come chill while we wait for discord to come back up


the L1T server never went down. :P (its also all back up :D)

I just said this on discord, i wonder whats better netsplits or discord outages. Im in favor or not netsplits at the moment.


IRC is pretty nerdy. I am surprised doesn't have a real channel in there.


yeah, I'm kinda disappointed at this. i tried the discord… it's mostly pain to use. give me text!


Most people want more than just plain text and want easy consistent access from other devices.

I trialed matrix (which is what you want while still giving others what they want), but people didn't like it much.


sure. to each, their own.


You should come join us on irc if you like!
It's only a tiny subset of the community, but we have a pretty friendly atmosphere plus the occasional interesting chat.


I should bridge the irc to matrix, but i don't think it has efnet on the server, freenode though, it does.



Sorry about the necro thread all, but I was curious if there was a level1 IRC chan on freenode?

Edit: I created #level1techs on Freenode if anyone’s interested…