Ipv6 home/homelab planning

So, currently i have an ISP who supports IPv6 (cheers, Internode!) and a dual-stack home network. It all just pretty much magically works.

However, i am looking figure out how IPv6 works “properly” from the perspective of setting up offices with the following in mind:

  • no IPv6 prefix allocated yet
  • looking to use IPv6 internally only
  • ideally, when one or more IPv6 gateways are obtained, minimise the changes required to hosts behind the gateway (firewall config, etc.)
  • some IPv4 connectivity is required
  • i’d like to figure out how to go IPv6 native (no dual stack) if possible and do 6to4 translation

This is going to be a bit of a build log on how to go about it, what pitfalls i encounter, etc. This is for me to figure out how it all works, document it, and hopefully we can all learn something from it.

Thus far, I’ve determined:

  • there is a “private use” IPv6 range allocated by IANA: fd00::/8
  • the standard subnet size is a /64
  • the standard “campus” allocation is a /56
  • the standard “organisation” allocation is a /48

this has given me a proposed IP scheme for internal only use of:

FD00:00XX:YY00::/56 per site

XX = site number
YY = VLAN number

And that’s about where I am up to so far.

I’ve just bought 2 Orielly books to get started:

IPv6 Essentials, Third Edition
IPv6 Address Planning.

So, will see how we go from here…

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So, with PFSENSE… to get ipv6 working with internode, i have configured my WAN (PPPoE) connection to

  • set my PPPOE ipv6 configuration type to DHCP6
  • request an IPv6 prefix through IPv4 connectivity (means the ISP will give me some subnets to be routed on my LAN behind my public IPv6 link IP)
  • send an ipv6 prefix hint (internode give out an IPv6 /56 so i put 56 in there - which gives 256 /64s to allocate to different networks)

That got my WAN link up and running on v6.

LAN interface(s):

Set to “track interface”. This means it will get an IPv6 /64 based on the prefix delegation the specified interface gets.

Under “track ipv6 interface” i have selected my “WAN” interface so that it obtains a /64 out of the WAN interface’s prefix delegation.

I have entered “0” for IPv6 prefix ID. This means it will get the first /64 subnet that the WAN interface was allocated.

I set up a second LAN interface on VLAN2 and verified that if i put a 1 in this box, i get the second /64 subnet allocated to the VLAN2 interface.

As my ISP allocates a /56, i can have up to 256 different IPv6 enabled VLANs on my home network :slight_smile:

So that’s the IPs of my LAN interface(s) set.

Under services, i have enabled DHCPv6+RA on my LAN interface

for “range” i have used:


This means the first IPv6 IP to be allocated will be ::1000 and the range is the last IP in the /64 subnet.

This means i can set IPv6 statics if desired between prefix:: and prefix::FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF

Everything else is left at default.

Result: I am getting IPv6 IPs on my end devices on the LAN ,and IPv6 works. Currently using public unicast routable IPv6 IPs on everything.

IPv6 DNS servers are being allocated to clients based on the IPv6 DNS addresses my WAN connection is being given by DHCP from the ISP.

I have a second IPv6 subnet on VLAN2 that has a different IPv6 /64 subnet to my LAN interface, but at this point because i did not enable DHCPv6 on that VLAN yet, it shouldn’t be doing router advertisements or DHCP configuration for IPv6 yet. I haven’t bothered setting up VLAN2 on my switch yet, further testing to do…

As you can see in the attached pic, the two LAN interfaces have different subnets. VLAN2 is IPv6 native only at the moment :slight_smile: